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Linford Finale
Linford 27
on, but I decided to give it a miss and
go fishing. I think you would all agree;
I made a wise decision there! I pulled
into the car park after work around
5pm. I walked around the lake and
witnessed some movement under the
surface in Teddy Bay, but I wasn’t too
sure what it was. I decided to fish on
the small spit, and I was just setting
up when Mark turned up, who was
also thinking about doing the night. It
was cold, and the frost was already
starting to appear on the ground.
While setting up my gear I told Mark I
had witnessed something in the area,
but wasn’t too sure what it was, and
then a fish rolled to my right further in
the bay. Mark asked if I was going to
move into the corner of the bay, as if I
didn’t he was going to. I didn’t need
asking twice, and packed up my gear
and moved swim while Mark headed
home to get his gear. I placed two
rods on a small reed bed, and the final
rod in the margins, scattering just a
few boilies around each rod. Another
fish rolled while I was setting up.
Mark turned up and set up next door
to me, and we were standing in
between our swims chatting away
wondering what our chances were,
when Mark said he thought he heard
one of my buzzers. I got to my rods,
and indeed I’d had a take on my middle rod, but it was already in the reed
bed, but nothing was on the end. An
hour later the same rod was away
again, and this time I felt the fish as I
struck. I tightened up the clutch and
put pressure on the fish to move it
away from the reed bed and into open
water, and then I loosened up clutch
once the fish was closer in. The fish
really put up a good account; we were
surprised how much fight it had. It
was sometime before we caught a
glimpse of the fish in the bright
moonlight. After several minutes the
lunges got shorter and I guided the
fish into the waiting net for Mark to
scoop up. It was a pristine winter mirror carp of 21lbs.
I did the odd session through the
winter, but didn’t catch again until
the following April; a mirror of 24lbs
with only one eye, from the Canopy
swim. Still it is always nice to get your
first fish of the year under your belt. I
have to admit I was struggling for a
while, and went on a run of losses, so
my confidence was down. So it was
pleasing to land another mirror of
22lbs from the Car Park swim. I’d seen
a fish roll twice, and so quickly wound
in one of my rods and cast a pineapple pop-up to the area. I received the
take 30 minutes later, which goes to
show you need to be watching the
water all the time. A few days later,
and I was back for another quick
overnighter. I set up in the Canopy as
there was a south easterly blowing
into the swim, and I fished my usual
spots with boilies and hemp. Once
again the margin rod on the reed bed
was away in the early hours of the
morning. This fish really put up a
strong battle. I got the fish into the net
and I could just see a really long common looking in lovely condition,
which was just a few ounces short of
30lbs. I had also noticed a couple of
fish roll on the opposite side of the
bay while packing away.
The next time down I set up in the
Hospital Bay for the night, opposite
the Canopy. We still had the south
easterly blowing, and I could only fish
in the margins, as the weed was really
bad. I had seen fish roll close in by a
reed bed the previous session, so I
thought they might still be about, as I
d i d n ’t s e e m u c h w h i l e w a l k i n g
around. It was busy with anglers, not
giving me many choices. I only fished
boilies this time; bottom baits for the
hook baits on all three rods, and scattered about a handful of bait around
each rod in three nice tempting
View from Canopy


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