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Fish Stocking in Iktus Ruffaud
Here is a review of all the fish stocked over the last four
months in Iktus Ruffaud Lake. The lake was drained, and
the orginal 200 carp between 5kg/11lb and 17kg/37lb 7oz
were returned to the lake.
02/12/2017 – some small carp plus 30 more carp
between 20kg/44lb and 27kg/59lb 8oz.
18/12/2017 – 100 carp between 8kg/17lb 10oz.
10/01/2018 – 54 carp between 2kg/4lb 6oz and 7kg/15lb
6oz. These carp were stocked because they all had fantastic scale patterns.
14/01/2018 – 30 carp between 14kg/30lb 13oz and
19kg/41lb 14oz.
17/01/2018 – Three carp between 18kg/30lb 10oz and
27.5kg/60lb 10oz.
30/01/2018 – 35 carp between 10kg/22lb and 18kg/30lb
21/02/2018 – 16 carp between 8kg/17lb 10oz and
17kg/37lb 7oz.
More than six tonnes of fish have been stocked, 550 in
total: 500 carp between 5kg/11lb and 27.5kg/60lb 10oz. 55
koi carp between 4kg/8lb 13oz and 15kg/33lbs, plus five
small mandarin catfish… and the story has only just begun.
For more information on Iktus Ruffaud please give Rob a
call on +44(0) 7717837879 or email: rob@carpfishing n


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