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Linford Finale
Linford 30lb 15oz.
26lb plump mirror. They appeared to
be liking the bait. As I packed up and
headed to work, I saw a couple of fish
roll over the bait.
The following weekend I headed
for the Canopy where there was a
southerly wind blowing. There was
another angler in the Sticks, but the
canopy was similar water, and on the
36lb 5oz – Pretty One, 2004.
end of the wind. I baited up the margin rod with hemp, pigeon conditioner and boilies, and I used a bottom
bait on the near side on the baited
patch. The other two rods were
placed 50yds out into a silty gulley,
and I baited this area with just boilies.
I got up early in the morning, and no
action had occurred during the night,
but the conditions looked good. There
was some water disturbance on the
open water spot, and not long after
the alarm signalled a take. I tightened
the clutch to stop the fish from making any headway into the large weed
bed. The fish came in quite easily, and
then put up a bit of a fight in the margins before I netted another mirror of
just under 26lbs. Nothing occurred for
most of the day. An angler turned up
and we got chatting about the fish in
the lake, and how the conditions
looked good for this end, when my
margin rod whipped round to the
right. I struck the rod and bent into
what was a very powerful fish, and it
felt like it was ages before it started to
tire. It was a relief to get the fish into
the net, as I could tell it was a good
one. The fished turned out to be the
Big Common, and pulled the needle
round to 34lb 4oz on the scales. I was
over the moon with a new PB common.
During the week I did another
overnighter in the Duck Hide, where I
took a 20lb common. The wind was
due to change from a westerly to a
south easterly, so when I left I put
some bait in the Canopy ready for a
three-night session planned for the
weekend. It was already busy when I
turned up on the Friday afternoon, as
it was a Bank Holiday weekend. The


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