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Linford Finale
Linford 34lb 4oz
Gate and Canopy were already taken
by two Daves, so I elected to go into
the vacant Sticks. Dave in the Canopy
had already taken a few, including the
biggest in the lake, Malcolm’s, at
41lbs. I got set up and fished the same
spots as previous sessions; two rods
to the front of the plateau at 60yds,
and the final rod fished in a gulley
close in. I baited up with boilies
again, about 50 per rod. A couple of
hours after darkness set in, I had a
steady take. Instantly the fish felt
heavy, with it slow, deep runs, and it
was a battle keeping the fish from the
weed as usual. Once I got the fish in
close it seemed to give up the fight. It
turned out to be a repeat capture of a
fish called Shoulders at 32lb 12oz. I
had poor photos from my previous
capture, so I was hopeful of getting
some good shots this time, as I had
Ben fishing next to me, but unfortunately these came out even worse!
Nothing else occurred during the
night or morning, so I wound in and
went to have chat and cuppa with
Dave in the Canopy. I asked him how
he had faired in the night, and it had
been quiet like mine. Dave told me his
takes had come during the day. He
then started to pack up, and decided
to move in after him. Suddenly Dave
had a take, and not long after I was
taking pictures of the Big Common
again, this time in Dave’s hands
instead of my own, at 33lbs. The Big
Common appeared to like it up this
end of the lake, as I had caught the
fish on no less than three occasions
from this swim. I helped Dave pack
up, moved in, and then topped up the
open water and margin spots. Dave
had fished the same open water spot
as I had previously. Like Dave, I had
nothing during the night, but early
morning I landed mirrors of 22lb and
23lb within half an hour of each other.
I was running low on bait, and so
headed home to get some more. Without going into too much detail a
father and son had turned up and
gone into the Sticks and Hospital Bay
swims the previous evening. They
were now casting to the back of my
marker float, and also casting across
the bay to my right hand margin
where my rod was placed only inches
away from where their lead was now
landing! Rather angrily I packed up
and moved into the Gate swim, and I
got myself sorted for the last night of
my session. I found a couple of clear
spots amongst the weed, and fished
only small patches of boilies, just trying to catch one fish at a time, as
there were a lot of rods and bait in the
lake. Late afternoon I received a take;
the fight felt similar to the previous
two fish, and once on the scales it
weighed 22lbs. Nothing else occurred
for the last night; I didn’t haul, but I
was happy with the three 20’s and
one 30lb fish.
I was soon back for another
o v e r n i g h t e r. I g o t s e t u p i n t h e
Canopy, as I had spotted quite a few
fish in the swim. I got the open water
Hospital Bay
My daughter weighing.


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