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In Search of Monster Carp
one of the big girls, and people were
leaving it alone because they didn’t
want to feel they were going in a
swim where fish had been caught
previously? Who knows? I haven’t got
a clue. Anyway, I set up, the sun
slowly set, and before I knew it I was
asleep as I was knackered; I’d had a
hard week, and I’d travelled all the
way up there.
I woke up with a start; I don’t know
why, someone shouted, or a fox
screamed behind me or something. It
was about two o’clock, and my rods
weren’t out; I hadn’t cast out, as I was
so knackered – I just died, just fell
asleep. So I pulled myself together,
put the kettle on, made a cup of tea,
and splashed some water on my face.
The previous evening, before I had
fallen asleep, I’d noticed there were
fish feeding in the margins. Tolpits is
very much a margin water, and the
majority of the people fish it in a
stereotyped way – fishing left and
right, as it’s only two rods. To be honest with you, you can’t do a great deal
more than that in a lot of the swims
because you are limited with the
water that you’ve got in front of you.
Renegade common..
So, I had seen some fish the previous
evening, which were easily spooked,
but I did notice they were fairly big
fish. I couldn’t actually see what they
were, but I could see them well
enough to know they were carp. Bearing in mind this was around 2am, and
I couldn’t see a great deal, I plopped
out a couple of baits in front of me at
20-30yds range. Then I left them, having thrown a bit of bait in the margins
thinking they might come back and
have a free feed, giving them a bit of
confidence for the following day, or
Sunday, and I fell asleep again. Before
I knew it, I had a screaming take, so I
struck the rod, and bang, bang, bang,
bang. Tolpits has got one other main
resident, the old Tinca, a lovely fish,
which most of us enjoyed catching
when we were kids. Since when you
do catch them it recalls the memories
of childhood, I think that is why a lot
of people prefer catching them to the
old bream. Then again there’s no reason why the old bream aren’t nice to
catch to be honest with you; they are
nice fish in their own right. So, I had
this tench, and a very nice fish it was.
I was quite happy catching it to be
honest with you; it told me that something was feeding out there. There
were no other signs of activity from
other anglers, and as far as I am
aware, no other fish had been caught.
I chucked the baits back out there,
and before I knew it, I had another
take, and then another. I ended up
having two or three tench that morning, which was nice. I’d obviously
found a spot there, and I was happy to
catch the tench thinking that the carp
wouldn’t be far behind.
So that morning, I just sat there and
felt confident. The roach were dimpling the surface, but there was no
other real sign of any fish, at not until
all of a sudden a fish stuck its nut out.
I thought, Christ that’s right on my
spot, and when I say my spot, I mean
right on top. I’d got two rods out
there, baited up with baits of my
choice, boilies at the time, of same
make or another. Well these fish were
confined to quite a small area. I was
looking around the lake, and I wasn’t
seeing any other movement from fellow anglers, and no other signs of fish
showing anywhere else. If anyone
else on that lake had been awake,


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