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Hampshire Police join Operation TRAVERSE
in fight against fisheries crime
Hampshire Police have formally
pledged to support the fight to protect fish and fisheries by becoming a
partner in Operation TRAVERSE – the
Angling Trust initiated, multi-agency
activity targeting illegal fishing and
fish theft.
The agreement was made earlier
this month at the South East Fisheries
Enforcement Workshop in Hungerford, organised by the Angling Trust
and funded by the Environment
Agency from fishing licence income.
D a v i d W. Wi l k i n s , t h e Tr u s t ’s
Regional Enforcement Manager for
the South East, said: “This is terrific
news for responsible and law abiding
anglers in Hampshire. We look forward to working with Hampshire
Police and will be signing up more
forces in South East region to join the
majority of forces in England and
Wales already committed to working
with anglers to make our waterways
D i l i p S a r k a r M B E , t h e Tr u s t ’s
National Enforcement Manager, said:
“This is another step forward for the
vision in action, more support for the
Environment Agency locally and
should give anglers greater confidence that their issues are being
taken seriously and addressed.”
Sergeant Andrew Williams, of
Hampshire Police, said: “We fully support the Fisheries Enforcement campaign and fully appreciate anglers’
concerns. In Hampshire, we are lucky
to have some of the finest angling
rivers and lakes in the country and
we, as a force, are committed to
addressing both Rural and Wildlife
Crime, so this very much fits within
those objectives.
“We would urge anglers to report
any incidents in progress, or any information, to us if concerning a criminal
matter or to the Environment Agency
if regarding a fisheries or rod licence
offence. We look forward to working
with all our partners to make a difference.”
Mike O’Neill, Environment Manager for the Environment Agency in
Solent & South Downs, said: “We welcome this strengthening of our partnership with Hampshire Police and
the Angling Trust. Effective protection of fish stocks often requires a
multi-agency approach to tackle
determined poachers. This support is
essential in tackling illegal fishing.”
David W. Wilkins of the Angling Trust and Sgt. Andrew Williams of Hampshire
Police formally agree the Operation TRAVERSE partnership.
Anyone witnessing an illegal fishing incident in progress can report it
directly to the Environment Agency
hotline, 0800 80 70 60. Information on
illegal fishing and environmental
crime can also be reported anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555
Everyone over the age of 12 needs
a fishing licence to fish for salmon,
trout and freshwater fish in England
and Wales. Licences are free for 1216-year-olds but you still need to register. n
All anglers Take 5 – and help rid the
countryside and coast of litter
The Angling Trust’s successful and
popular Take 5 litter campaign is
being relaunched to cover both freshwater and marine environments.
Now in partnership with the Environment Agency, the campaign is targeting coarse, game and sea anglers
with the same message – take five
items of litter or five minutes to
remove any litter after fishing.
Litter from all sources adversely
affects wildlife as well as introducing
toxic pollutants to the environment
which can damage habitats and
species. In addition, litter is also an
eyesore which detracts from the
pleasure people take from being outside – adversely impacting on tourism
in rural and coastal communities.
Plastic litter is a growing problem
in our waterways and in the marine
environment where it breaks down
into microplastics, which are eaten by
fish and enter the human food chain.
David Mitchell, the Angling Trust’s
Head of Marine, said: “The key to the
Take 5 message is in its simplicity –
anyone and everyone can do it each
time they go fishing. If every angler in
the country did this just think of how
many millions of items of litter would
be removed every year.”
Kevin Austin, the Environment
Agency’s Deputy Director Agriculture, Fisheries and the Natural Environment, said: “Fishing is England’s
largest participatory sport and the
actions of anglers can make a huge
difference when it comes to tackling
littering. Most anglers dispose of litter
responsibly but we welcome this
campaign for highlighting the important contribution they can make to
improving the water environment for


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