FREE LINE 03 - Page 110

Wellington Boots
By Tim Wagner
ou may recall that
Andy and some of
the other lads helped
me pack away and
take my gear and me
back to the car park
after my last trip when I had the big
common. Well within 24 hours of leaving the lake I was back in hospital not
really knowing what was going on,
and it didn’t sink in for a week or so
until I got home that I had finally
achieved a long-term ambition to
catch a 40lb plus common, and to
catch it January made that bit more
special. I’m not quite sure what made
me have a relapse and fall ill again; I
think it was a combination of several
things. I was waiting for surgery to
have my bowel removed but didn’t
know exactly when it would be, so I
just kept on doing my normal thing.
33 plus.
Normal would mean working four 12hour nights, getting home by 7.30am,
and being in bed by 8am. I would get
up for 2pm and spend a few hours
working on Temple Products stuff
before setting off to work just after
6pm. On my fourth night I would load
the car with my tackle, and as soon as
I finished work I would go straight to
the lake for a two or three-night trip,
and not sleep until the first night on
the bank. That would mean that once
every eight days I would go 36 hours
without sleep, and in a month I would
normally only spend a maximum of
five nights at home with the family
when I wouldn’t be either working or
Some people think I fish full time,
and we have a bit of banter about the
post being delivered to my swim or
me getting a rebate on my council tax
because I am never at home. Well
truth be known I have two jobs which
entail working about 70 hours a week;
the first job I work for a company
doing things that 99% of people
wouldn’t relish, and have had a whole
manner of things pointed at me guns, knives, hammers and baseball
bats. My other job is my own business where I produce PVA. I work
hard so I can make sure my family
have a secure environment and that I
will have a decent pension because
the way that my health is I doubt I
will be working when I am 50 let
alone 65.
Now that we had entered the winter and the park was closed to the
publ i c the fi s he ry rul e s c ha nge
slightly. No longer can you just turn
up to fish, unlock the gate, and drive
in. You have to check with Andy the


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