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Wellington Boots and Waders
head warden to make sure that they
are not shooting on the lake during
your planned trip, or even carrying
out maintenance work in the swims.
You can also drive down to the café
and park there right by the side of the
lake, which can save you a walk of
several hundred yards depending on
which area of the lake you are planning to fish. If you are wanting to fish
outside the Boathouse or even the
Boathouse Point you can drive your
car down to behind the swim. This
area isn’t open to fishing whilst the
park is open, and can normally only
be fished during the winter months. I
fished this area nearly all of last wint e r, h o w e v e r t h i s y e a r w i t h t h e
amount of interest being shown in the
area it might remain closed as it actually affects the fishing from the three
other swims, and basically rendering
them useless. The areas affected are
Goose Shit, Lawrie’s, and the side of
Boathouse Point, which are three of
the most popular swims on the lake,
so to take these out just to make
another swim fishable seems daft.
I didn’t manage to fish for a few
weeks after my last visit into hospital,
and to be honest I was more than a
little scared to go out fishing on my
own for a while in case I fell ill again.
When I decided to go out again I
made a promise to the wife that I
would be fishing with somebody just
in case, and I tried to make arrangements to meet up with some of the
other syndicate or even to take a
guest just to be safe. On my first trip
down I had decided to stick to just
three areas to fish, and they would be
areas that I could basically drive up to
so that I didn’t need my barrow. The
areas that I wanted to target were
Goose Shit, Boathouse Point and the
Boathouse proper, which was an area
that you were not allowed to fish
whilst the park was open to the public.
The first trip that I made was a
t h r e e - n i g h t e r, a n d I h a d m a d e
arrangements to bring Tony down
with me as my guest. I arrived on the
Sunday morning and there hadn’t
been anything out over the weekend.
Having said that there weren’t many
on, and the weather had turned really
(Top) Catching in the cold.
(Right) Andy phoned me from the
other side of the lake.


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