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Wellington Boots and Waders
Ken Beech with the scaley one.
the end of the Boathouse Point I
stopped for a while to see if there was
any activity in the Animal Farm that I
could report to Ken. I didn’t see anything so I continued my walk around
the bay towards the campsite. As I
got half way down the Railway Bank I
stopped and looked across the Animal
Farm towards the Grassy Bank on the
far side of the lake. Even with a ripple
on the lake I could make out an area
of very coloured water about the size
of a tennis court. From where I was
standing this coloured area was a
g o o d 1 5 0 - 2 0 0 y d s a w a y, a n d i t
appeared to be between the end of
Boathouse and the Sluices. I walked
back around to the Sluices and sat for
a while, but didn’t see anything, and
couldn’t even make out the coloured
I walked back around to the Railway Bank, looked back towards the
Grassy Bank, and I could make out
this heavily coloured area. I phoned
Ken straight away and informed him
of what I’d seen, and suggested that
the end of Boathouse looked good for
a bite. I walked back around to where
my gear was, but instead of stopping
for a chat with the departing angler I
walked on down to the end of Boathouse Point to see if I could make out
the area which was coloured, but
again I couldn’t see a thing. I went
back to my tackle, chatted to the
other syndicate member, and I suppose I had been chatting for half an
hour or so when I noticed Ken coming
down towards us pretty quickly with
some tackle. He didn’t stop, and just
shot past us towards the end of Boathouse only to reappear a few minutes
later minus his gear. It turned out that
when he had driven into the park,
instead of coming down to the lake he
had driven up to the campsite and
walked through to the Animal Farm to
where I had seen the coloured water,
where he was greeted with a fish
boshing out in the area that I had told
him about. Through fear that somebody else may have seen the coloured
water or even the fish he then raced
around to secure the swim, and once
he had done that we had a social and
a cuppa. I joked with him that I might
go down and fish the end of Boathouse as I had seen the fish first and
he would have to move. Ken being
Ken wasn’t bothered, and said he
would simply fish where my gear
was, as he knew I had been catching
fish from this area and it had produced a fish over the weekend.
The area that I was fishing to was
the same water that I had been fishing to for most of the season when I
had fished either from Lawrie’s or
Boathouse Point. This year the area
has been unfishable due to the weed,
but last season I was fishing a lovely
silt patch at the end of a weedbed,
and because the weedbed stretched
across the front of this swim it was an
easy cast to just drop all three rods
behind it and conceal the main line.
Because I knew the area really well I
didn’t need to use the marker float at
all whilst in the swim, and simply
walked all three lines out to pre-measured spots, and clipped the lines up
and marked them with pole elastic
before casting. I still continued to bait
up with 2 or 3kg of boilies per night,
but would trickle them in over a 24hour period rather than put them all
out in one go. I did this for two reasons; the first being the seagulls, and
the second being the fish themselves.
It was obvious that they were using
this area to hold up in, as the bird life
wouldn’t go anywhere near the area,
and would swim around it giving it a
wide birth looking very much on edge
when they went near it. Knowing that
the fish were here I didn’t want to
stick several hundred baits right on
top of them in one go just in case it


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