FREE LINE 03 - Page 120

Wellington Boots and Waders
(Above) Big winter Welly mirror.
(Below) Time to go home I think.
jetty. I now had to step over the other
two lines, and I tried to position
myself between the fish and the jetty.
I reached behind me, took my other
net, pushed it out into position, and
after a couple of heavy, deep plunges
from the fish, which saw it trying to
get back the other side of my lines I
had it gasping for air as I pushed the
net under it. I secured the net and rod
in my net support, an implement that
isn’t currently available on the market
yet, but it enables you to leave the
net, fish and rod secured in deep
water whilst you get all of the mats,
slings and scales ready. Everything
was sorted and wetted down, the
scales zeroed, and the other net that I
had left floating on the other side of
the swim was retrieved before I got
back into the water, bit the line, and
rolled the net down to bring the fish
ashore. I was right; it was a proper
lump, and I knew it was well over the
35lbs, but by how much I didn’t know,
and if it would go over 40 I wasn’t
sure. It was a big framed sparsely
scaled mirror that I hadn’t seen
before, and once I had unhooked it,
treated the hook mark, and checked it
over for any other sores or scabs as
well as any lice I weighed it. The
scales read 37lb 8oz and to say I was
pleased would definitely be an understatement. I put her into a sack, and
then carried her back out a rod length
before securing my sack cord to the
sack stick, which I had already put
out in the swim.
I picked the old rig up and binned
it, and then retackled the rod before
casting out and re-clipping up on the
mark. I rebaited, wrapped the hookbait in paste, and cast back out in
between the other two rods. I put the
kettle on and then went and woke
Ken and asked him to do the pics. By
the time Ken had woken up, got himself sorted and got his chesties on the
kettle was boiling, so we had a cuppa
before doing the pics. I went back to
bed for an hour or so before getting
up just after first light and starting the
slow pack down. The beauty about
this swim is that you can pull the car
right up behind the swim when the
park was closed, so it doesn’t take
long to get set up or packed up. Ken
as normal was excellent company,
and went on to catch another fish,
which was a mid-20 common. These
had been the only four fish caught
whilst we were there, and I was continuing to catch on every single trip,
but more importantly I was catching
a big fish on every single trip, getting
closer to catching 20 fish over 35lbs in
a season. The following week saw me
add a couple more biggies to my
tally… n


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