FREE LINE 03 - Page 122

Curse of the
Black Swan
By Leon Bartropp
inter fishing
can be hard
and undoubtedly boring at
the best of
times, but I
prefer the fishing in the winter. Even
though its hard going, the rewards are
there to be had, but only if you choose
the right water, and this past winter I
was fortunate enough to obtain a
ticket for such a water. It had winter
form, the lake was shallow, being 7ft
deep at its deepest, 35 acres in size,
and hardly got any attention in previous winters – just how I like it. More
and more these days I’m tending to
33lb and ounces.
lean towards these bigger shallower
waters, I really think that the effect
the wind has by creating oxygen and
warming it a lot quicker makes for a
better chance of a bite at this time of
the year, more so than at any other
I’d also been getting more and
more into water temperatures after
speaking to a friend of mine who had
always taken the temperature of the
water during the winter with some
really interesting findings. It was
something that I had never quite got
round to, but this winter I had managed to buy myself a small thermometer, with a ring on the end that I
could tie a piece of line to, allowing
me to position it out in the lake and
take readings every hour or so. These
findings I would write down in a little
red book, with the air temperature
and barometer pressure. I had managed to find the barometer on eBay of
all places; this little gem from China
had a little LCD display, and with the
touch of a button, I could tell the air
temperature, barometer pressure,
wind direction and time, so all this
was at hand to write my findings
down in my little red book.
I had decided to fish the lake from
October through to the end of February, relentlessly driving the two hours


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