FREE LINE 03 - Page 129

Curse of the Black Swan
(Top) I like to pin down the hooklink.
(Above) Best putty on the market.
(Top right) 18mm Monster Tiger Nut,
little and often.
(Below right) Components for the rig.
fish’s tail, and felt what I was looking
for – a slight split. It was the one I was
after; the one I had come to the lake
to catch, I was sure of it, and she was
big! I hoisted her up onto the cradle in
the moonlight, and into the weigh
s l i n g. S h e w a s d e f i n i t e l y b i g, I
thought, as I pulled the net away. I
unhooked her and treated her mouth
with some medication. I carefully
pulled her off the ground and the needle flickered past 45lb, and onto 47lb
2oz or 4oz. I settled for 47lb 2oz – the
weight didn’t matter, as it was the
fish I was after. I snuggled her up in
the sack on a long cord, and then I
pulled up the thermometer. It was 7.5
degrees, the pressure had risen to
ature was seven degrees, so that was
good. I positioned all three rods on
the same area, put an extra fleece on
as it was now getting a bit chilly, and
settled in, not really expecting much
to happen. I must have been sound
asleep when I had a few bleeps, and
the bobbin bounced around the rod
butt, before the clutch started clicking away at me. I was surprised to say
the least, as it was bloody cold and
still, just like a winter’s night; the
moon was out, and there was a crisp
sheen of frost on the van’s windscreen. The fight was again uneventful, and I soon had the fish in the net.
I decided to get some warmer clothes
on before I sorted the fish out, as my
teeth were chattering. I sorted my self
out and tried to pull the fish up onto
the cradle, but this fish was bigger
than I realised. I turned my head torch
on, and was amazed at what I saw; a
big wide mirror glistened back at me
in the torchlight. I felt down to the


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