FREE LINE 03 - Page 130

Curse of the Black Swan
(Left) Look at the width of her.
(Below) 47lb 2oz.
1022, which was a surprise, and it
seemed as if the fish would feed on a
rising pressure – very interesting, I
I sat there until first light making
cup of coffee after cup of coffee.
Blimey, I had her in the sack, the one I
wanted! I just kept walking over and
checking her to make sure she was ok
until everyone arrived to help with the
photos, and I must say thank you,
guys, Rick took the photos, and they
were perfect. George was a godsend,
pouring water over her at every
opportunity to keep her fresh and
good looking for the shots, Thanks
also to Dave and everyone else for
helping out, and generally making
sure I was doing everything right and
keeping her safe, thank you guys.
The guys drifted away; I slowly
packed away, and the journey down
the M4 and M25 seemed that bit more
m a n a g e a b l e t h a t t i m e. B u t a s I
packed up and glanced back to the
lake I could see that bloody black
swan looking at me in the van, and I
could have sworn he was smiling at
me as I pulled away. n


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