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Edges in the Edge
By Matt Eaton
t has been said that every day
there is a chance to be had,
somewhere on the pond, and,
with the exception of the
winter months, carp will feed,
to a greater or lesser extent,
at some time during a 24-hour period.
One of the most effective and enjoyable ways to exploit these chances is
by stalking. Whether you are on a session or only have a few hours to spare
it is certainly worthwhile having a little mooch around the edge.
On many venues, particularly the
more difficult ones, we see a familiar
pattern. Angling pressure drops off
from November and throughout the
winter followed by, on some waters, a
closed season. By the time the new
season is upon us the majority of the
fish have not been caught for seven or
eight months and are, consequently,
less cautious. This, coupled with their
biological need for a post spawning
feed up (to replace lost energy, repair
damage, replace scales etc.), leads to
plenty of captures throughout June.
As we move into July, a good proportion of the fish will have seen the
bank, angling pressure will be at its
greatest, the weed and natural food
will be on the increase, and it is
scratching time again until September. Of course fish can be stalked out
I had to pass the rod around a tree to play this one.
at any time of year, but it is during the
difficult months of July and August
that I believe the tactic really delivers.
There are numerous advantages to
adopting a stalking approach, or at
least keeping it in your armoury.
Firstly, not many anglers do it. The
rewards are there if you are the only
one looking for, finding, and feeding
them in the edge whilst everybody
else is sat behind their rods. Consequently the spots that you are able to
fish may rarely, if ever, see a freebie,
let alone a hookbait. Each and every
stalking session will give an opportunity to learn something about your
quarry, and the knowledge gained


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