FREE LINE 03 - Page 134

Edges in the Edge
(Above) Just sunning themselves?
(Left) No. Observation revealed they
were visiting this spot in the edge.
stalking, although I will use a stalking-only approach when I don’t have
session time available.
The equipment needed for a stalking session is minimal, and it is
indeed refreshing to load the car with
a rod sleeve and a small bag and be
ready to go. Although it is quite possible to grab a rod from the rest,
gather up a few bits, pick up a net and
mat and go off and catch one, I do
prefer to have a dedicated setup with
me from the start of the season until
the beginning of winter. If you stumble across an opportunity you may
need to take advantage there and
then. By the time you have returned
to your swim at the opposite end of
the lake, changed the rig to something more suitable for a close-up
encounter, rummaged through your
tackle box for a few bits and pieces
and returned to the spot, the chance
may well be gone. Even if the fish are
still there you may find the 12lb line
you were using in open water not up
t o a s n a g g y, u n d e r t h e r o d t i p
encounter, thereby introducing compromises to your angling, and you can
virtually guarantee that you will have
left your baiting needle behind! Having said that, it is only my preference
to carry dedicated kit, and it is not
essential. On some waters the stalking kit can be left in the car and taken
out when necessary, although I
wouldn’t advocate leaving it on display. I also find it more convenient


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