FREE LINE 03 - Page 136

Edges in the Edge
and speedy, if I have a few hours to
spare, to grab the stalking bag, rod
sleeve and mat from the garage
knowing that I have everything that I
need. Tackle is largely personal preference, so what suits one angler or
venue may not suit another. All I can
do is describe the equipment that I
use and leave you to decide what
applies to your situation.
Whilst in many situations one of your
normal rods would be fine, you may
find a 13ft 3.5lb TC casting beast a bit
unwieldy. The stalking rod is likely to
receive a fair bit of abuse from being
laid on the floor, dragged through
bushes and knocked against trees, so
I use one of my old rods, a 12ft 2.5lb
Harrison Ballista that I need not worry
about scuffing or scraping. A 9 or 10ft
stalking tool would be better for using
in tight spots, but I choose to use a
12ft model as it doubles up perfectly
as a floater rod. If I were using it
(Left) And it’s clearly a spot where
they have been feeding.
(Below) 30lb 2oz – Dumpy – hooked
just 2ft from the bank.


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