FREE LINE 03 - Page 138

Edges in the Edge
leads I choose for stalking are the
superb in-line Atomic Dung Bombs,
which are the most natural looking
leads I have seen, or their inline Bottle
Bombs. I believe in-line leads to be
the most effective at close range, and
should give excellent presentation
with a supple hook link.
We all have our favourite hook patterns, although I use a different pattern for my stalking. Shrink tubing is
used on my normal bottom bait rigs to
turn the hook, however in a stalking
situation you won’t have the luxury of
a steaming kettle and will, therefore,
require a hook that turns effectively
without tubing or, as I use, a hook
with an in-turned eye that can be
extended with a short piece of silicone. This was brought home to me
during an afternoon’s stalking. I found
a group of eight fish in a corner of
Horton’s Dog Bay. Once they had
drifted off I introduced my very basic
rig followed by a handful of bait. They
were back within minutes, and immediately began to feed before drifting
off again under some nearby weed
(Top) Nailed after being “done”
several times.
(Left) Unreachable from any swim,
but fair game for the stalker.


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