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Keeping it cool with Coleman®
Coleman® range of Xtreme® Coolers
utilises up to 30% more insulation,
keeping your food and drink cool for
days this summer.
Coleman® Xtreme® coolers are
designed to keep large volumes of
food and drinks cool for up to five
days in temperatures as high as 30°C.
These coolers are in it for the long
haul and are perfect for your family at
the campsite, on a picnic, or for those
long summer barbecues.
Increased Efficiency…
When a cooler is placed on the
ground, heat is transferred directly to
the cooler, making the cooler’s temperature increase, but if the cooler is
lifted off of the ground, the heat is
transferred through the air around the
cooler, meaning zero compromise on
the temperature.
The Xtreme Coolers have four integrated, rounded feet lifting it off the
ground, providing the perfect amount
of space for air to flow around it, creating a cooling effect. Research indicates that the most performance-efficient shape for a cooler is spherical,
but as this is not practical, Coleman
has angled the corners of the Xtreme
Cooler range to enhance their cooling
performance. Coleman only uses
injected polyurethane, the highest
quality insulation material available
on the market – utilising up to 30%
more insulation, meaning your cooler
will stay cool for longer.
Xtreme Coolers are available in a
wide range of sizes from convenient
26L capacity through to a huge 90L
Coleman Xtreme Wheeled
Don’t let the thought of carrying
large, heavy coolers hold you back.
The new Coleman Xtreme 50QT
Wheeled Cooler, with an impressive
47L capacity (can hold up to 84 cans),
features a telescopic handle and
durable wheels, allowing you to arrive
fully stocked with ease this summer.
It’s lightweight at just 5.5kg and
keeps ice frozen for up to five days
thanks to its super-cooling performance.
Xtreme 28QT Cooler…
Practical and convenient, the Coleman Xtreme 28QT holds 36 cans and
has a capacity of 26L. The easy
moulded carry handle makes for easy
lifting and the cooler even doubles as
a seat with two handy drinks holders
built into the lid. With a height that
perfectly fits 2L bottles, the Xtreme
28QT will keep contents cool for up to
three days, and weighing in at just
2.2kg, it won’t weigh you down.
Keep food and drink cooler for
longer this summer with the innovative new Coleman Xtreme range. The
Coleman Xtreme Coolers also come in
different colours. Remain cool this
summer with the Coleman Xtreme
range. n
Worried about biting bugs at the water’s edge?
Lifesystems’ Head NetHat is a fisher’s best friend during insect season
Mosquitoes, midges, gnats – biting
insects at the water’s edge are guaranteed to put a dampener on a great
day’s fishing. Outdoor-healthcare
expert Lifesystems has come to the
rescue with its ultra-compact and
protective HeadNet Hat; a practical,
foldaway hat that offers effective protection from irritating insects.
Supplied in a handy, lightweight
pouch, the Mosquito HeadNet Hat
combines a lightweight and widebrimmed hat made from protective
UPF50+ polyester material with an
advanced, ultra-fine mesh net that
offers ultimate protection from
midges, mosquitoes and other
With 1001 holes per square inch,
the HeadNet Hat’s mosquito net
guarantees to keep 100% of insects
including the smallest midges at bay.
A longer length means that the Mosquito HeadNet Hat offers extra protection around the neck and a drawcord at the base allows it to be
secured snugly inside your shirt or
As well as offering superior protection, the HeadNet Hat’s advanced
and ultra-fine netting is black to
ensure it won’t reduce or impact your
visibility when wearing it.
Enjoy insect-free adventures by the
water with Lifesystems HeadNet Hat;
also available in a standard HeadNet
version that can be worn underneath
any other headwear.
For more information about the
Lifesystems HeadNet Hat visit n


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