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In Search of Monster Carp
head, and thought please leave me
alone or just rattle off. It was like they
were taunting me, crashing like hell.
Anyway, I dropped off to sleep, and I
heard what I thought was a tench
take, so I got myself out of bed,
slipped my feet into my boots, picked
the rod up, tightened up the clutch,
and pulled the rod back. All of a sudden it hit a bit of weed; it went a bit
w e i g h t y, a n d t h e n i t j u s t c o m e
straight at me. I still thought it was a
tench, as you don’t catch one on your
fourth night at the Car Park, you
know. Anyway, I got it close in; it
came right into the platform, and all of
a sudden it just went wallop, rolled
over, and I thought that ain’t no
tench! That was it; I just netted it, and
thank god that fish didn’t fight, but it
made my day. I think my fishing
changed a lot then, because my fishing was quite erratic in a way – one
minute I would be full on, and then I
wouldn’t. I was fishing more on my
own then because I left the boys at
Sutton and I was enjoying it, my life
was getting into a normal pattern. I
was so chuffed I caught that fish – it
was 35lbs, a big old beast. When I saw
it roll, it was as deep as it was long.
That’s gone now unfortunately, but I
continued to go up there with no joy
the rest of that season, but no disgrace – I had had one. I mean there
have been plenty of people up there
who haven’t caught for years.
I did join the following year, and I
think I did a total of 18 nights, but it
was a long drive for me. I mean that
first year I was going up and doing 24
hours just to get some bait in, knowing that I could come back there and
do a 48-hour session, but I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to do it, but I had
sold my house and I was living back
home with my parents and I don’t
care who you are, your parents don’t
understand do they? You want to go
fishing, and they want you out at
work, like you’ve got to go to work
from 6am in the morning to 10pm at
night, and it was causing a bit of friction at home, so I had to ease off, and
I did. I mean I was no spring chicken
at the time, and I had to get my life
sorted out and get into some sort of
order. So I did 18 nights up there in
total in two seasons. I had to take my
hat off to people like Terry and Nigel
and Darren Miles and all the boys up
there who stuck at it, because it ain’t
no pushover; it’s hard work as you
well know yourself.
I pulled off of there and halfway
through that first year I got offered a
gold card, so I just paid the extra and
I had a few trips to Frimley as well. I
caught a few 20’s up there but I just
wasn’t settled you know, Rob – he’s
yawning here, so I must be sending
him off to sleep! Yeah I went to Frimley, but I found it hard to get into.
When I fish somewhere, if I can’t fish
it, I want to be walking round it and
putting a bit of bait in, but I just
couldn’t do it from that distance and
work as well. Like I said to you, I had
to get quite a few things in order
because I had neglected it all and that
was that. Funnily enough, I did that
second year, and then I didn’t rejoin
Yateley, and I didn’t renew my gold
card, and I went back to work up the
City to replenish a bit of money. You
know, you hammer it don’t you when
you’re fishing and you’re not working.
So that was that, and then I got
stuck back into Sutton again. Without
sounding arrogant and bigheaded, I
knew how to fish it by this time.
We’ve all got our own little ways, and
my way was with a running lead – I
just thought it was the perfect indication. I was baiting up with funnel web
bags when people weren’t looking,
just putting little parcels of them out
here and there. I still went back to the
big baiting in certain swims – 8-10kgs


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