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In Search of Monster Carp
and all that, but like I said earlier,
looking back, it was the wrong way
for the big’uns. I think I needed to be
in the edges, down in the Chicken,
and the Lawns areas, and even up the
Dead End to a certain extent. I didn’t
like that Dead End because you’re sitting in a swim where people come
directly through the gates, you’re first
port of call, and you’ve got barrows
coming down, you’ve got dog walk-
ers, and if you sit too close to the
fence a dog will pee on you. And
you’ve got the little herberts down
there too. We had a bit of trouble with
them; they started throwing stones,
and did one bloke in the face with a
stone, but that all got sorted and it
stopped, which was a relief, but then
they started getting air pistols. But
that’s all finished now; the kids have
got older and they’ve moved on – I
don’t want to put anyone off, and if
you want to go and fish it, go and fish
it, because there’s never been a better
time at Sutton. Like I said earlier,
there are five 40lb fish in there, in a
small lake. It’s not easy, but it’s manageable; you can fish it – you can see
every part of that lake. I pulled off
because I was getting stale, and I was
fishing by numbers. I went in a swim,
and went, that’s that spot there, and
that’s that spot there, and I just
wasn’t doing anything different in the
I had a little while away from Sutton, and once you’re away from a
place it gives you time to reflect on
what’s happened over the years, the
areas and everything. Hopefully my
mate John Elmer is going to do a tape
with you, and he’s had every single
fish barring one out of Sutton, and he
knows it like the back of his hand.
Now looking at it, I can see where I
went wrong, and what I’ve got to do
when I go back, and I’m going to go
back definitely; I’ve got unfinished
business with some of them.
I moved, and then I went on to
Larky, you know, the complex down
there. I fished with an old mate of
yours, Wadey, and we had intentions
of fishing the Railway. I’ve lived down
that way now for quite a while. I
popped down there a few years ago to
have a look at it, and it was busy. It’s


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