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In Search of Monster Carp
went on, because the swans could
reach down.
So anyway, I put the rig out there,
and I was walking back, well chuffed,
with the rod up in the air. I’d found
two nice spots, the fish were cruising
round there, and I hadn’t spooked
them off. All of a sudden I started
wobbling and fell over, and it was like
Excalibur, with the hand coming out
with the sword! The rod stayed up in
the air, but I went under, and all
Wadey could think about was that
they were his new bloody waders,
and I’d got them soaked. I got in,
emptied them out, and he wasn’t
amused, but he forgave me in the end.
So that rod stayed out there, and I personally thought that was my banker
rod, that one behind the bar, so I
hemped it up, and put some bait out
on it. You could use three rods down
there, but the left hand rod was the
problem. I wasn’t too happy about
casting up to that shallow area even
though the fish were there; it was
getting quite heavy with weed by this
time. Bo I thought well, in for a penny,
in for a pound, here we go, and I did it,
I p u t a p o p - u p u p t h e r e. I j u s t
whacked the middle rod out, over that
bar which I was telling you about, out
a bit further to a broken bar. I managed to get that out there, but I was in
a bit of a dilemma because you’re
fishing in 3ft of water to a bar, so that
line is just blazing out, you know. In
the end I brought that one in, as it
was an eyesore, so I was just fishing
with the two.
Anyway the next day, I had nothing. I had tench on one rod that night,
and the next day the fish were really
moving, really, really active. I saw
these fish coming over the bar, staying really tight to the island, but
instead of just going over the bar and
then dropping, they were following
the contour of the bar. So I quickly
reeled in the old faithful springtime
pineapple pop-up, with just a standard pop-up rig, nothing flash, and
just whacked it out as close to the
back of that bar as possible. As soon
as I put that rod down it had gone,
and I was looking round, thinking the
swans had got it or something, but I
was into this fish and it just went
mental. It came over from deep water,
over the bar into 3ft of water and just
went 100mph; it wasn’t stopping, and
it was running me ragged. I couldn’t
stop it, and the only way I managed to
net that fish was that it stopped itself;
it swam in an arc all the way round
a n d I j u s t f o l l o w e d i t , t h i n k i n g,
where’s it going, and it just crashed
straight into the bank, into the snags,
so I just had to walk down there and
net it. You’ll see the picture of that,
and it is one of the prettiest fish I have
ever caught, at 32lb 12oz, and I was
well pleased. It was only the week
before that I had gone round to see
Leroy on the Railway and a bloke had
had it out. I said to Leroy, “Cor, that’s
the one,” and I go and catch it, so I
was well chuffed with that.
I started looking at the lake and
there were three swims I picked. The
lake is split in two sections, I don’t
know if you remember Rob, and
there’s a gap where they can go
through, so the Motorbike was a
prime spot because you’re going to
get them coming up the lake, and
going down the lake. The Bottleneck
was the other one on the other side,
and then Oscar’s, which was facing
the Bottleneck. I didn’t like the Bottleneck, the area I wanted to fish, as I
was having real problems with it. I
don’t know what it was, but there
was some metal post out there or
something, and every time I kept getting anywhere near the spot, I’d get
caught up, so I thought that’s it, I’m
not going to fish that, and I started
fishing the Motorbike and the
Oscar’s. In total that season I did a
total of 140kg of bait. I was watching
people not for their spots; I was just
watching what they were doing, their


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