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In Search of Monster Carp
baiting situation, and there were a lot
of particles being used down there. I
don’t think there’s a better fishmeal
than what I was using, and I just
thought well, since they’re putting
the particle in, I’m going to give them
something they really want. I was letting them have it, and since it was
only 20 minutes from my house I
found it better going down two days
before and baiting up. I preferred
Oscar’s to the Motorbike because I
could get tucked right out the way
On one trip I had fish showing that
night, there was a good bit of bait out
because I had done it two days
before, and I had a 30lb and ounces,
the Pretty One. I never recast it so I
was down to two rods now, and some
bloke walked past and looked at me
as if to say, “What’s up with him?”
and then the middle rod went with a
23lb’er. So I was down to one rod by
then, and that one went as well, so I
was well happy with three mirrors. I
did 30 nights in total down there, but
there’s nowhere near the number of
fish that were in there now. But the
thing is, if you like old English fish,
you’ve got to get a ticket because
they’re just stunners down there,
unbelievable. I just wanted the main
fish, that’s all. I baited up three times
– I put 14kg in one day, and other people had it. I mean fair play to them,
the swims are there to be fished, and
they’re not mine, but three separate
fellas caught it and it made their day,
I am sure.
On Larky I had six fish and lost one.
I did 30 nights, and I didn’t fish again
that year – that was last year. I kept
meaning to go back and I did go back
this spring, but for some reason I just
couldn’t get into it. I mean you’re fishing a 20-odd acre lake for one fish,
and it can be anywhere. The area I
knew where I had a real good chance
to catch was the Motorbike, and the
gap where they come through. That
fish stayed close to the margin
because you had the overhang, and it
hugged the edge along there for
cover. Many a time I saw it come out
of them, and it got level with the Bottlenecks, and that’s when it came out.
It would start following the first bar,
then it would get out on the second,
and then it would go down the centre
of the lake, and I thought, that’s where
I’ve got to be, in the Bottlenecks. As I
said, I didn’t like that swim, but when
you’re sitting back in another swim
and looking across, you look at things
in a different light don’t you? So the
plan was made for this spring, and I
was going to have two rods in the
main swim. To the right there’s a little
gap in the bushes and you can get a
rod in there, and that’s where matey
caught it the following year, so I
thought that’s going to be the spot. I
was going to fish no further than one
on the first bar to the left, and one just
probably on the second.
After that I just couldn’t get in the
swim, and I got a bit disheartened
really. I did about five nights down
there, but it didn’t fish. I’m not making excuses for myself because I
didn’t carry on or I didn’t catch the
fish – it just wasn’t fishing. One of the
fellas went down and got in there
early, and he had a few fish. I think he
had six, but after that he phoned me
and he said it’s just dead. I said to
him, “What are you using?” He said,
“I’m just using particles,” so I said,
“Just give them bait, they love it.”
That lake has seen so much boilie
over the years. Anyway, I had those
two takes, and I was down to one rod
and it worked for me. It looked stupid,
but I don’t care what people think;
I’ve got to do what I think is right, and
if it’s right, I’m a hero, but if I’m
wrong, I’m a right numpty aren’t I?
So anyway, I went back there in the
spring and it wasn’t right. I was just
buying my house at the time so I had
a lot going on, and my life for once


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