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In Search of Monster Carp
was getting in order. I was content at
home and I was going start enjoying
myself; I’m 46 this year and I’ve got to
a stage now where I am happy, and
I’m enjoying my fishing more now
than ever. I was talking to Sharpy last
night, see I’m a right name-dropper,
but I was talking to him and I was
saying it isn’t all about big fish. I
mean I if I catch one that’s 36-37lbs
that’s normally 40lbs I don’t care – it’s
the same fish isn’t it? It’s not easier
catch because it 36lbs or 37lbs. I
haven’t got all the time in the world –
there are other things I want to do as
well, and it’s hard when you’ve got a
partner as you’ve got to try and keep
everybody happy, keep the house, and
I’ve got to do my job as well. So that
was that; I thought it isn’t going to
happen, and I’m not going to chase it
and drive myself mad for one fish. I
don’t think I do too badly down there
for the amount of nights I’ve done.
I’ve still got my ticket and I could go
back this winter, but at the moment,
I’ve got into the Road Lake, and I can
honestly say for me, it is up there with
Sutton; it’s an awesome place to fish.
It’s a small lake, and it’s been well
documented. There have been some
good anglers write about this lake,
and they’ve seen everyone down
there – they’ve even seen some bloke
called Rob Maylin!
I started there, and I was lucky I
came down at the beginning of the
season. I got my first couple of days in
just after, and I had a 19lb’er, so I was
happy – it’s always nice to get the
first one under your belt. I was using
the same old rig; I’m not really one for
changing – if it’s caught at the Car
Park and its caught out of Sutton then
I’m happy with it in most places.
Then the weed started coming up big
time, and then we were getting the
heavy rains. Some people were saying
the low pressure and the rain is better
on there, but I think a little bit differently; I think they seem to like getting
right in the edges on the high pressures, and you’ve got more opportunity with the stalking side of things. I
was in No.2 again where I had the
first one, and we had had an absolute
downpour for two days; it did not
stop, I mean we were flooded out – it
was coming through the back of the
bivvy. It was the last morning and we
woke up and it was a really bright
day, like it is today, and I thought well,
that’s something, at least I’m packing
up in the dry. I went into the back of
the bivvy to get something out, and
all I could hear was my mate John,
who was in the No.1 swim shouting
my name. You know yourself Rob,
once the old jumbos come over, you
can’t hear anything. So as I came out
I heard the clutch ripping off, as the
buzzer had packed up with all the
rain, and I picked up the rod and leant
into it.
It was the first time I had ever used
a chod rig, I mean I’ve steered well
clear of it before because it just didn’t
look right to me. I don’t know what
your views are on it but in the end,
when you’re seeing what Terry and
Nigel have caught, and even the other
lads, it’s got to be worth a go, because
quite a few of the big’uns hadn’t been
out for a while. The fish had to be
feeding, and there’s quite a big head
of fish in here, so whatever is going in,
the way I was thinking is they’re eat-


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