FREE LINE 03 - Page 157

In Search of Monster Carp
ing it. Someone was saying to me
there are about 40 fish in here, so I
thought right, I’m going to try something different, so I put the choddy
out on the last night. I didn’t have any
pop-ups or anything; I didn’t come
prepared as usual, so I had to borrow
one off old Johnny Elmer. When I saw
the size of it, it looked like it was for a
football match, it was an 18mm, and I
haven’t seen one that big for yonks,
but I put it on anyway. I thought who
dares wins, so I put it out.
Anyway, back to the take. I picked
up the rod, leant into it, and John was
saying, “It’s a good fish,” and I was
saying, “No, no, no.” I think it was
more nerves than anything, because it
was a new lake, I’d had one fish out,
and knowing what was in there… I
mean I still get nervous now, and the
old legs go. I think the day that stops
is the day you don’t want to go fishing
any more. So, I was nervous and he
was saying, “I tell you what son, that
looks a big one,” and I’m thinking,
“Shut up!” Anyway, what I did notice
with the choddy was that they
seemed to come up high in the water
really quickly, which is a good thing if
you’re fishing a weedy lake. We had a
little tussle and everything, I won, we
got it in, and my god, we looked at it
and thought that is a chunk. It turned
out to be one of the sought after fish,
which is wrong really because they’re
all lovely fish, but this was the Scattered Linear, and it was 37lb 9oz –
awesome, and I was well chuffed. I
did notice that with using the 18mm
bait the hookhold isn’t as good as
when you use a smaller bait, because
I hooked it in the scissors.
But then I thought I’d have another
go with the choddy, as there was
some mileage in this. I came back
down and I had a blank, but then I
was back again for another two-


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