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In Search of Monster Carp
nighter. No I tell you what, it wasn’t a
two-nighter, it was a one-nighter,
which makes it even sweeter doesn’t
it, because you’re not here that long
and you nick one out? It absolutely
hammered down on the Friday, and
we had two weeks’ worth of rain in
one night. It was coming down so
hard I didn’t put a groundsheet down,
and I had to hide my trainers under
the bedchair on a higher bit of
ground. Micky texted me in the morning saying I think it might be raining
and I thought cor, that’s a bloody
I didn’t think anything would happen in the middle of all that, but all of
a sudden it belted off. I jumped up and
had to find my trainers, stuck them
on, ran out, and by the time I got to
the fish it was solidly weeded up. I
thought it wasn’t going anywhere,
and I was getting soaking wet, so I
put the rod down, ran back in, took
my sweatshirt off, put my old ESP
poncho on, and ran back out. I picked
the rod up, took up the curve, and I
was standing there for five minutes
like that. I shouted out to old Peter,
bless him, and he came round and
helped, and so did Rick Golder and
Micky. I got the fish moving, and the
weed was hanging on the line; you
could just see it moving an inch at a
time. I was gaining on it, and all of a
sudden it broke free of that weed and
I was fighting it. I managed to get
that one into the net and it was the
Brown Fish at 32lbs. I was over the
moon with that one because I had
gone back to small baits and the
hookholds were a lot better.
I felt was still ahead as I hadn’t
done many nights, and I’d had two
prize fish. I thought this is it; I’m
catching mirrors for once! It’s another
one of those lakes where there’s a
good atmosphere and good bunch of
lads. I think it’s got about 20 syndicate members, and obviously the gold
cards fish it, but you normally only get
about four of five people on there who
are all courteous, and they leave you
alone. Poor old John was having a bit
of a struggle on there; he fished Sutton most of that time, and he’d done
very, very well, but he was struggling.
You feel a bit bad at times, ringing up
going, “Yeah mate, just had another
one,” and he’s going, “Oh, right.” I
mean he was having such a lean time
down there I was going to call him
Bobby Sands! He persevered though
and he’s had four takes in the last
week, so he’s happy. When I came
back down I was in the No.2, and Rick
Golder phoned me to say I’d got to
get in there, because he’d just had
one. I didn’t really want to go back in
there because I thought I’d done my
time, but I did do another session after
which I blanked and just thought it
wasn’t right.
So I followed him in, woke up that
next morning, and there was a bit of
fizzing going on, but nothing to get
excited about. I thought I’d give it
until 10.30, and I just reeled in and I
went for walk round the lake. I did
two or three laps, and I saw them in
the Dog Leg. I saw one come in, and I
was watching to see where it was
going. It was coming really close and
I noticed there was a little bit of
gravel there where they were dipping
down, so I thought I’d just put a couple of little chops in there. I broke
them in half so I got four small bits,
put them in and I went off on my walk
again. I walked all round the lake, but
really couldn’t see much. I came back
round again, and by this time there
were three of them in there. They


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