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In Search of Monster Carp
were dipping down, having a little
feed, and then just cruising off to the
left towards the Gravely. I think they
were going down to the Gravely and
then coming round in a great big arc,
coming up to the hump again and
then working the margin from the
Hump down to the Dog Leg. By this
time I had my gear round there, all set
up. I had the Hump as my base camp,
and I was stalking in the Dog Leg.
Three of them came in feeding, and
one of them peeled off, which was a
nice 30.
It just went down on my rig, on the
bait, troughing away tail up. It’s not
often you see that; it’s only on these
clear lakes that you’re fortunate
enough to have the privilege to see all
this. He just picked up my rig and
spat it out, I thought nice, cheers,
thanks a lot. I’d put a rig on quickly
and it wasn’t the normal rig I would
use at Sutton and Car Park with the
silicone, and I was so cheesed off with
myself but I didn’t have time to
change it. I thought I’d change the
size of the bait instead, and as I was
lowering it in, holding it like a garden
gnome, and the old Three Scales came
in and it looked very big. I was stand-
ing there with the bait lowered down,
and with me still holding the rod, it
circled round my rig, went down, and
then went, “See ya,” I went, “Rightyho, perhaps another day.”
I ’d h a d e n o u g h t h e n ; I h a d a
migraine coming on, and I had
smoked so many Bensons it was
unbelievable, even though I’m not a
heavy smoker. I was in agony but I
still thought I’d set up in the Hump. I
got my baits in position in case they
did the same thing. It seemed like
they came round to the Hump first,
then worked the margin, and then
down to the Dog Leg and Gravely,
and then came back round. So anyway, that was the plan. Well, it was all
quiet during the night and I was just
praying for that sun to come out. Rick
was due down, and Dan the fireman
was down. Dan said to me, “Move, go
in the Dog Leg, there are nine fish in
there.” I said, “No, no, no, I’m set now
and I ain’t moving those traps and
moving onto fish.” I didn’t want to
spook them, and if they were doing
the same thing I’d got a good chance.
Anyway, I think it must have been
about 11am it just belted off and I had
a 24lb mirror on the old rig, bang in
the centre of the mouth. So I’d had
four fish out and lost one – unfortunately I lost one in the early hours. I
had a take this morning before you
got here at 2am, and I finally lost it at
I am sorry to the readers if I’ve
jumped about a bit, but that’s how my
life was when I was younger; I was
jumping about all over the place. If
I’m ever fortunate enough to do
another one of these for you Rob, I’m
sure I’ll have it all in order. I’ll keep a
little diary, and hopefully we’ll be a little bit more organised. I think the pictures will do the article more justice
than the actual words, because
there’s some old classics there, mate.
Rob: Fantastic, Mark. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself sitting down
here on the Road Lake with Mark this
morning; he’s had me in absolute
stitches, and I’m sure you the readers
will enjoy it too. As to what you said
about doing another piece – it will be
my pleasure to do another one with
you any time you like, mate. OK, well
that’s all for this month, and no doubt
we will be meeting up with Mark
sometime in the future. Thanks again,
mate. n


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