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From Trail to Tavern…
Wigwam adds new models including the Broken Arrow Pro to its popular Peak2Pub collection
Building on the successful launch of its
Peak to Pub collection in 2016, Wigwam
has extended the popular range with a
selection of new models that pair “bythe-bar” style with outdoor functionality.
Whatever activity brings you out into
the great outdoors, the new Broken
Arrow Pro combine their striking design
with advanced moisture-management
technology to keep feet dry and odourfree.
Manufactured at Wigwam’s HQ in
Sheboygan, Wisconsin for guaranteed
quality, the stylish Broken Arrow Pro features a technical, mid-calf-length cut
that is the perfect partner for outdoor
boots and shoes. Its lightweight construction incorporates a blend of
advanced fibres including Stretch Nylon
for durability and US-produced Merino
Wool for itch-free softness, moisturewicking and odour-resistance.
The sock also includes Dri-release®
Tencel®, a synthetic fibre that enhances
the Broken Arrow Pro’s fast drying credentials. A small percentage of Spandex
ensures a snug, comfortable fit with minimal bunching or chafing.
Blisters are no match for the Broken
Arrow Pro, which feature Wigwam’s
patented Ultimax® Pro technology to
effectively wick away any moisture that
can in turn lead to friction and rubbing.
The Ultimax® Pro technology uses a
combination of hydrophobic (water-hating) and hydrophilic (water-loving) fibres
to channel sweat and moisture away
from the footbed and upwards, out of the
shoe or boot.
This helps to maintain a dry, comfortable and blister-free foot environment.
For the perfect fit, the new Broken
Arrow Pro have a comfortable ribbed
calf that hugs the lower leg without
being overly tight or bagging around the
A seamless toe closure minimises the
risk of hot spots that can lead to chafing
or rubbing.
For more information visit or buy online at n
Powerful cooling from Campingaz…
Campingaz launches the new Powerbox Plus 28L 12/230V thermoelectric cooler
New for 2017, Campingaz has
launched an exciting, stylish and high
performance thermoelectric cooler,
and it’s full of brand new features
from the lid to the base. Perfect for
picnics, camping, beach trips or even
keeping food and drink fresh and cool
when travelling to a party, the highperformance Powerbox Plus 28L
12/230V TE cooler can be powered by
both 12V and mains power for ultimate convenience and versatility.
Campingaz’s most innovative
cooler yet, the Powerbox Plus 28
AC/DC boasts four different modes
that make it easy to keep food and
drinks perfectly chilled, offering reliable performance even when the
weather heats up, the cooler’s powerful motor guarantees a cool interior
that is 18 degrees lower than the
ambient temperature.
Unlike other coolers, the Powerbox
Plus 28 AC/DC Thermoelectric cooler
has four different modes that allow
you to control the performance and
efficiency of the cooler. When temperatures soar, a ‘Max’ mode offers fast
and impressive cooling performance,
or for an efficient but environmentally
friendly option, the ‘Eco’ mode can be
used. The innovative coolers also
benefit from a new ‘Night’ Plus mode
that is ideal for keeping contents cool
overnight yet significantly reduces
the noise levels coming from the fan.
For more traditional, passive cooling,
the Powerbox 28 AC/DC also features
an ‘Off’ mode that means it can be
used with Freez’ Packs away from a
power source.
Extensive research revealed that
most cool air is lost through the top
(30%) and the base (30%) of the cooler.
To counteract this, the Powerbox Plus
28 AC/DC models feature increased
amounts of high-quality, PU insulation in the lid and base and reduced
insulation in the sides. This results in
smaller exterior dimensions yet provides optimum interior capacity and
high performance. The cooler also has
a permanent anti-microbial lining,
which resists mould and mildew
growth and blocks unpleasant odours
from developing.
Featuring a sturdy construction, the
new Powerbox Plus 28 AC/DC coolers
feature Campingaz’s new click and
lock hinged lid system, which emits a
reassuring ‘click’ when you shut the
lid. This means your cooler will be


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