FREE LINE 03 - Page 162

Grand Finale
By Les Marsh
ell, this is the
third and last
instalment on
my Bluebell
Lakes adventures! As
most people will already know, if
you’ve read any of my previous articles, I’m from Cleveland in the northeast of England, so if I want big fish,
I’ve got to travel for them. It’s near
enough a three-hour journey for me to
Bluebell Lakes in Peterborough –
sometimes it’s well worth it, other
times you really do question your sanity! It’s now 2006, and it was going to
be my last season on Kingfisher Lake
regardless of whether I caught my
target fish Benson or not, as there’s
only so much time you can devote to
one fish anyway.
Nice 25+ mirror.
My season started quite late this
year, in early April. As well as being
busy at work my old fella had been
diagnosed with cancer at Christmas
so my heart wasn’t really into my fishing, what with hospital visits, etc (God
I hate going in there). Anyway, I was
told to start fishing to try and sort my
head out, so off I go back to Kingfisher
after quite a long layoff. I arrived at
the lakes and it felt good to be back. I
saw a few of my mates, and had a few
brews and a quick catch up on the
fishing side of things, like you do! I
chose a swim based on past experience and captures etc. I got the rods
out to some familiar spots I knew from
fishing the swim in the past, and had
a quick check with the marker first
just to check not too much had
changed out there, but it was pretty
much the same. So out went a scattering of mixed Dynamite pellets and
a new bait from the lads at Dynamite
– spicy chicken boilies under the
name Indulgence. I just hoped the
carp would indulge me by picking up
my rigs. I stayed with the combination that worked for me last year, ESP
Stripteaze in 15lb with small ESP
longshank hooks with silicone to form
a line-aligner. I got the baits out, put
the bivvy up, and got sorted for the
night ahead.
Nothing occurred during the night,
but at 8am my left hand rod shot off at
a rate of knots. Cracking start, I
thought, new bait, first session back,
looks very promising. As I was playing
the fish I looked across the lake, and I
saw one of the lads pull up. As he
strolled down the bank, the fish I was


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