FREE LINE 03 - Page 163

Grand Finale
(Right) My hook of choice.
(Below right) My favoured hooklink.
playing fell off – not the brilliant start
that I first thought after all! Oh well,
nothing else occurred that session.
I was back the following week with
renewed vigour. First session on the
new bait and a take, not all bad, and
this gave me some confidence in my
new bait anyway. This particular session the only thing that occurred was
to have two rods go at exactly the
same time! It’s not very often that
happens on this lake I can tell you,
but the downside was they were both
big bream! Whilst I was down the
lake I got a text from my wife saying,
“Get ready for Benson.” I wish, bless
Well the following week I got a
phone call saying my old fella had
died in his sleep in hospital. Nothing
really prepares you for times like that,
and even after a fairly long illness it
still comes as a hell of a shock. Needless to say I couldn’t face going to
work after the funeral, so I threw a
sickie, and decided to go fishing to
clear my head a bit and not dwell on
the last six months. A few days earlier
my mum said, “Go and catch Benson
for us son!” God bless her.
So off I set on another long journey
to Kingfisher Lake, my third trip in my
third year on there. I arrived at the
lake and there were a few lads I knew
on, so I had my usual hour or so of
catching up with what was going on.
It seemed that all the fish were falling
to zigs using black foam as hook
baits. There had been quite a few 30’s
out that week and quite a few 20’s,
but I didn’t think the big girl would
fall to a piece of black foam as she
likes to trough, and she doesn’t get
that big by picking up small morsels
near the surface. She hadn’t been
banked for over seven months, which
is a long time for this particular fish,
so I decided on my swim and decided
to set her a banquet on the bottom!
I found my spot, which I knew produced fish from my previous sessions
in this swim, and put all three rods in
a line in an area of no more than
10yds wide. The feed consisted of
Dynamite Frenzied hemp, mixed
sizes of halibut pellets, and a good
scattering of 10 and 15mm Indulgence boilies; I mustn’t forget Dynamite’s green Swim Stim pellets too.
The pellets are more for attraction
and different breakdown times, and to
keep food signals in the area; the
hemp is to hopefully keep them occupied, whilst the boilies were there as
the main food source. During the first
24 hours nothing occurred for me. I
saw a few fish show in the early hours
over my baited area, but had no takes.
On the second evening Tony the
owner came round doing a rig check,
as it is a barbless only fishery. My
short rod had a hook with a crushed
barb on so I brought that one in, and
he proceeded to stick it in his woolly
jumper to test it. Well, after the third
attempt it pulled out along with a
loop of his woolly jumper, but he gave
me a funny look and said, “Yeah, that’s
ok, Les! I thought you would have had
zigs on with the black foam,” so I
explained my theory to him that I
think the big girl would fall to bait
when she does eventually come out.
He said, “I hope you’re right Les, as I’d
like to see you get her as you’ve certainly put the time and effort in.”
Cheers for that, Tony, I certainly
hoped so too.
The following morning I awoke
fairly early with a very cold northerly
wind blowing straight into my face,
which was all I needed. I saw a few
shows over my baited patch, and I
was just hoping the new wind might
get a few fish to feed. At 8am my middle rod gave few bleeps, dropped
down an inch, and then jerked back
up to the indicator. The tip just
started to pull up as I wound down
into it, thinking it was probably going
to be a bream. I just felt a solid resistance, and it started to kite left on a
tight line, feeling heavy. Then it just
stopped for a few seconds to I put a
bit more pressure on it as it was coming towards me. At that, two lads who
were fishing to my left came down as
they saw me playing a fish. “Does it
feel like a good’un, Les?” the asked.
“I’m not sure, as its just plodding
about so it could be,” I replied. The
fish came straight across in front of
me and made its way to my right
along a very snaggy treeline. My line
was starting to touch the tree
branches, so it was on with the
waders, and I waded out past the
treeline to try to start retrieving the
It just kept coming back towards
me like a dead weight, then it rolled
off the tree to my right, and it didn’t


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