FREE LINE 03 - Page 166

Grand Finale
do I fish now? I always find it very difficult to choose a swim when there is
nobody on – too many choices I supp o s e. T h e w i n d w a s b l o w i n g a
southerly, and had been for quite
some time I was told, and it was quite
chilly for the time of year, so I decided
to go on the back of the wind in the
same swim that I’d fished on the previous session, as I knew where the
features were, and my lines were still
marked up from my last trip. Simple –
bang out to the same spots, and job
done, and if anything shows anywhere else I could move onto them,
as it was so quiet.
At teatime, two lads turned up and
set up well down the bank from me at
the southerly end of the lake, so at
least someone was on if I needed a
photo or anything. It was the Angling
Times lads, Steve and Rich, and by
then I was all set up, rods out, spots
baited up – job done. I cooked some
food up and settled down on my bedchair for the night. At about 8pm the
wind swung round completely, and
started to blow up to my end of the
lake, I hoped the fish might follow it,
The Creature 59lb 40ozs.
despite it being a cold wind, as they
usually follow it for about the first
twelve hours, and then go back to
their usual routines.
I didn’t have to wait long when one
of my rods amongst the weedbeds
ripped off. I wound down into it, and it
was solid in the weed, but after some
constant pressure it finally started to
tear free. I kept pumping the heavy
weight in until a big mass of weed
appeared in front of me. I managed to
get the part with my leader going into
it in the landing net, but I was not
sure if anything was still in there. I
ripped all the weed away and there
was a nicely scaled low-double mirror. I popped it straight back, got the
rod back out to the spot with a scattering of boilies and pellets around it,
and no more than ten minutes later
the same rod was away again! Just
the same as before it was solid in the
weed, so I just kept constant pressure
on it, and the weed felt as if it was
breaking away again. I kept pumping
this heavy weight in again thinking it
was another ball of weed with a lowdouble attached. By now it was about
10yds out, so I put my head torch on
so I could try to fathom out if there
was a fish in there, as I couldn’t feel
any knocks or thumps!
As I drew it in closer it came to the
surface, and there lay the biggest mirror I had seen in my life! Jesus Christ
it looked massive! I grabbed my net
and went to try and land it, but it was
having none of it. After my bungled
attempt at landing what I thought
was a double covered in weed again,
it shot off at a rate of knots, almost
flat-rodding me! If this falls off no-one
is going to believe me, I thought, on
my third session and only three
weeks after catching Benson! I managed to slow the first run down,
gained about 10yds, and off she went
again. This happened about four
times with the runs getting shorter, so
I managed to get my waders on and
get into the margin to try and meet
her. She came to the surface again
and I got her in the depths of my net
this time. So there I was, stood in the
water up to the limit of my waders
with this massive fish in my net. Well
I went into panic mode about what to


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