FREE LINE 03 - Page 168

Grand Finale
do next, so I tried to calm myself
I waded back to shore with my rod
and net, folded the net over the fish,
and put a bank stick through the
spreader block to make sure she
couldn’t go anywhere. I ran back to
my bivvy to sort out my scales, sling,
camera etc. Once these were all
sorted I went to collect my prize and
set about weighing her. I got her into
the weigh sling, put the hook of the
Reubens through the handles of the
sling, and lifted her up – my God
that’s heavy! The scales were bouncing between 59lbs and 59lb 8oz!!!
What a whacker! I decided to put her
back into the lake in the net, and go
and get Steve and Rich to see if they
had a weigh hook and pole to determine the exact weight. I borrowed
the hook and pole, and the needle
went round to 59lb 4oz on the nose!
What a result – a personal best, a lake
record, a complex record, and at the
time one of the biggest mirrors in the
country! What a month I’m having in
more ways than one after all the sadness earlier in the month, to catching
some of the biggest carp in the UK. I
got some excellent photos too, so
cheers, lads. That wasn’t the only few
fish of the session either. The next
twelve hours proved manic, and I
ended up with 11 carp; mirrors to 25lb
8oz, and commons of 29lb 8oz and
29lb 12oz. I also had a bream and a
7lb 8oz chub, so all in all a red-letter
session really.
The new bait and the same tactics
that I used on Kingfisher were also
doing me proud on here. I couldn’t get
back for just over a month, so when I
finally did, I was ready for it. The previous swim I fished had been hammered while I was away, as you
would expect, so I needed a new area
to concentrate on. My idea was to try
to find an area that doesn’t get fished
a lot, which is very difficult on this
type of open access water. The swim
I decided to fish was on a part of the
lake you can’t drive to, so that meant
90% of the anglers wouldn’t fish it
because you had to handball your
gear to your swim, not just pull up
(Top) Nice evening.
(Below) Didn’t want to let her go.


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