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firmly sealed, and the internal temperature won’t be compromised by warm
air accidentally entering the cooler.
Fo r i n c r e a s e d c o n v e n i e n c e, t h e
cooler’s lid stands upright on its own
and will not fall shut as you pack or
empty your cooler. Thanks to its innovative and stable new design, the
cooler is guaranteed not to tip forward or backwards.
The new Campingaz Powerbox
Plus AC/DC coolers can run off a 12volt car plug-in (DC) or a 230 volt
mains power cord (AC) for optimum
convenience and is easy to carry
thanks to integrated blue handle. n
A trusty companion…
Mora’s bestselling Companion knife is available in a model for every outdoor enthusiast
Carbon or steel coated, blackened
blade, heavy-duty or simply your first
outdoor knife, Mora’s bestselling
Companion knife is available in a
range of models to suit all types of
outdoor adventures.
The colourful Companion
Brighten your adventure with the
colourful Companion Stainless Steel
Knife from Mora. Perfect for camping
or day trips into the great outdoors,
the original model is exactly what it
says, a trustworthy, reliable companion. Featuring a powerful blade with a
¾ length tang, the Companion’s blade
is made from high-quality Swedish
stainless steel for outstanding durability and longevity. The 2.5mm thick
blade easily handles most outdoor
tasks and is complemented by a soft
and grippy handle made from robust
TPE rubber.
The all-black Companion
A stylish, all-black model, the Companion Black Blade features the same
sharp and robust blade as the original
Companion with a specialised black
ED-coating for optimum functionality
a n d r u s t - r e s i s t a n c e. I d e a l f o r
extended adventures further away
from the beaten track, the Companion
Black Blade’s patented friction grip
makes the knife safe to handle. The
knife’s sheath comes with a handy
belt clip so you can attach it to your
backpack or belt for easy access – an
ideal option for trekking, fishing or
The heavy-duty Companion
The ideal model for more heavy-duty
jobs, the Heavy Duty Companion features a thicker 3.2mm blade made
from easy-to-sharpen carbon steel. Its
slightly blunter 27o angle edge means
the blade is more resilient and can be
used for high pressured tasks like
hammering. The knife has an extralarge, ergonomic handle with a soft
grip, high friction handle for easy handling.
The Heavy Duty Companion can easily be sharpened time and time again
and the power and reliability of the
knife makes it the perfect partner for
hunting, fishing or more extreme
adventurers. The Heavy Duty Companion is supplied with a polymer
sheath complete with a handy belt
clip for easy access and convenient
safe storage.
Mora is a family-run company with
more than 125 years of expertise
behind it and has been manufacturing outdoor knives since 1891. With
options suited to hunting, bushcraft,
camping or fishing, every product is
still manufactured at the company’s
HQ in the Swedish town after which
Mora is named. Find out more at n


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