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In Search of Monster Carp
ob: It’s halfway
through October; the
weather has changed
and the fish are really
having it, with loads
of reports coming in
this week. Big fish waters are starting
to fish again after a terrible summer.
I’ve met up with another newcomer
to the magazine, a young fella by the
name of Sam Healy, another mate of
Mick Krassos’ would you believe?
Mick has been very kind to pass along
my mobile to a few people who otherwise probably wouldn’t have written
in any magazine. There’s some great
stuff this year, and I’ve just been talking to Sam about it; we’ve got the
likes of Jim Carpenter, and Lee Petty
from Leicester – you’d never see
these sort of guys write or be in any
magazines. We’re in a very privileged
position to know some of these guys,
or friends of some of these guys, and
to be able to meet up with them and
do a tape. It’s great to get a potted
history of their carp fishing, and some
of these guys have caught some
incredible fish. I know Sam will be a
familiar name to a lot of you; he’s had
a very successful season this season,
culminating in the capture of that fantastic mirror the Royal Forty from
Richmond Park. Lots of you will probably have seen photos of that in CarpTalk.
Anyway, as always, I’m going to
pass the microphone over to Sam, and
it’s the first one he’s ever done so bear
with him for the time being. I’m sure
it’s going to be great though; I’ve had
a look through his photos and there
are some awesome fish in there from
a variety of waters, including a couple
of waters that we haven’t really featured much in the magazine despite
them being around for 17-18 years
now. The first one of them being
Bushey Park, which is where I believe
we’re starting today, so without further ado I’ll pass you over to Sam.
Sam: Hello everybody. I met up
with Rob last week when I came
down with Mick the Greek, and Rob
and I basically decided that we were
going to do a little feature. I’ll start off
when I first started fishing at Bushey
Park. For those of you who don’t
know Bushey Park it’s a lake of
around 3.5 acres with an out-of-
bounds area. The stocking level in
Bushey is probably around 120 fish;
quite a lot of them are 20lb’ers at the
right time of the year, and there were
five possible 30’s, but the lake in
question now has around fifteen 30’s,
and the possible chance of two 40’s
this winter, so the stock has just massively increased; it’s unbelievable.
I found the most successful methods down there were to use short, 5ft
leadcore leaders, little 2oz Dung
Bombs, little short hooklinks, anything like Stripteaze, Snakebite, that
sort of thing, and then I used the ESP
range of hooks. I found them to be
really good, especially down there as
the fish have very soft mouths. The
fish in the lake actually seemed to
spend a lot of time in the out-ofbounds area, which is where the birds
live, and obviously you can see why
the carp live in there. The amount of
bread that gets thrown in is unbelievable – loaves and loaves and loaves.
But the lake in question is very silty,
and when they are in the main lake
the amount of fish you see can be
unbelievable, with so many, fizzing
and rolling. I found the bait to use
The Mole 35lb 14oz.


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