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In Search of Monster Carp
down there was any of the range of
Heathrow Baits really. I did really well
on it down there, and also using bags
of pellets. You’re not really meant to
use hemp, but a little bit of hemp
went in the mix, and I did really well
down there. I also did really well on
the pop-ups, catching quite a few fish
on the old singles cast towards showing fish. It was a learning curve basi-
cally, just getting to know the place,
and getting to grips with it.
At the end of the season I had quite
a few 20lb’ers. I had the Big Common
at 23lbs, which to a lot of people isn’t
very big, but it’s the biggest common
in there. There are loads and loads
and loads of lovely looking fish in
there. The last season went really well
so I decided to rejoin for a second
season in 2005. I started off okay
really, catching around 20-28 carp up
to 28lbs through until the start of
November and then it sort of shut
down, and nothing was really getting
caught. When you’d go over to the
out-of-bounds and see a couple show
it was hard not to fish for them, but
come December it was still fishing
crap, and the fish were still just sat up
in the out-of-bounds. Now I’m not
saying by any means it’s okay to
break rules as usually I’m not one to
do it, but I’ve always said the key in
carp fishing is location, and I’d
located the carp alright! That season I
did catch around 10-15 fish that winter out of the out-of-bounds no fishing
area, and god did I get slagged off for
it! Fair enough, I’ll take it, but I knew
that I’d be going back down there the
following February/March time. At
the end of that season I ended up
with probably around 30-40 carp, five
of which were 30lb’ers. I had some of
the named fish, i.e. The Mole, The Willow, The Ghostie Leather – it was just
a really happy season.
(Top) 34lb 8oz.
(Below) Big Ghosty 34lb 10oz.


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