FREE LINE 03 - Page 186

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) 33lb 10oz.
(Below) 32lb 12oz.
That was the end of that season
really. A couple of my good mates,
Luke and Ben, had got a ticket for a
local golf course lake, Silvermere. By
the end of that season they both managed to bag two of the big ones each,
and I thought, blimey that sounds a
bit of alright; I might have to purchase
a ticket over there. So basically that
was the end of that season, and as
you can see in all the photos of the
fish, they’re really nice, pukka old warriors. Silvermere is a very silty lake,
probably the siltiest lake I will ever
fish; it is just unbelievable – you just
step in the margin and your feet disappear in the silt. There are probably
around 17 carp up to now, with the
big one, White Scale, at 45lbs, so for
that season I decided to go up to the
golf course club and buy one. It was a
really nice lake with a pukka bunch of
lads on there at the time, and most of
them still my good mates.
I started fishing the lake at the end
of June, and at the time I was just
doing overnighters and then going to
work at HBS in the mornings. My first
take came on my second night on
there, on a 20mm HBS M&M boilie
over 15 scattered baits. Although I
lost the fish I was happy to have had
a bite, and knew my baits and rigs
were up to scratch. My next chance
on the lake came on my fifth night
when I was lucky enough to catch
Clanger at 38lb 4oz, a new PB at the
time. That was July 5th I think, and I
went to work with a big grin on my
face the next day. At the time I had
been caught speeding in my car, not
long after passing my driving test,


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