FREE LINE 03 - Page 189

In Search of Monster Carp
I had had a few teas and chilled out a
bit I retied a rig and cast the same rod
onto the same area. It went out pukka
again the second time, and I thought
maybe I might get a chance of catching another one of the fish, so I put my
brolly up to get out of the rain, as it
was still absolutely lashing down.
As before, it still looked pukka for a
bite, but having convinced myself it
was White Scale I had lost I retired to
bed around ten, and it was still pouring with rain. I was woken up at 2am
to a screamer, and as soon as I lifted
the rod I knew it was a good fish. I
stripped down to my boxers and
waded out to net the fish. Once in the
net I put the head torch on, saw it was
White Scale, and it blew me away; I
just couldn’t believe it. As soon as I
realised I shouted at the top of my
voice, “WHITE SCALE!!” It was just
unbelievable feeling to have such a
proper old carp in the bottom of my
landing net, and literally within seconds Luke and Ben both came running over, and we couldn’t believe it.
They were like, “You jammy bastard!”
You can see from the photos that it’s
a proper chunky old warrior of a fish,
and luckily enough it was my first
40lb’er at 40lb 8oz. So, the two fish I
really wanted to catch out of Silvermere I had caught.
The rigs that I used down on Silvermere were really short hooklinks, 3 or
3ins long. Most of the people down
there would laugh at you for putting
something that small out, but it
seemed that the fish were spending
an awful lot of time in the silt, so my
way of thinking was that if they’re in
the silt, then I want my rigs in the silt.
The rigs that I used were 6ft of ESP
leadcore leaders, helicopter style, with
2oz Atomic Dung Bombs as my little
leads. The hooklink I was using at the
time I think was the Mantis Gold; I
really got on well with the stuff. I was
also using massive hooks, size 6 Big
T’s – not massive by some people’s
standards, but I use quite small hooks
most of the time. Both the fish I
caught were nailed 2ins back, and it
looked mental when you got them in
the net because the hook was so far
back the mouth was touching the
leadcore leader. The bait I used was
the HBS M&M’s, which is basically a
(Top) 27lb 10oz.
(Middle) Middle Ghosty 26lb 10oz.
(Bottom) Small Ghosty 25lb 10oz.


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