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Dynamite Baits Complex T by Rob Maylin
I’m always excited to try out any new
bait from Terry Hearn. Ever since our
times together down on the Yateley
complex, Terry has had the ‘nose’ for
what makes a good bait. I would not
call him a bait expert; I’m sure he
would admit that, and if you asked
him the pH of a certain ingredient, I’m
not sure he would know that either,
but what Terry has is a natural gift for
knowing what works and what doesn’t work. I suppose if you had to put a
label on it, it’s his E.S.P!!
I was one of the first anglers in the
UK to use his first bait, The Source,
and I caught on it from the outset. It
had a rich, full, carpy flavour and a
nice crumbly texture. Similarly the
Crave oozed carpiness as soon as you
opened the bag, and you just knew it
would catch, but I’ve got to admit
that this new Complex T bait has
gone to a whole new level.
The ingredient profile is staggering,
and when Dynamite told Terry not to
hold back on the quality ingredients,
he didn’t. LT94 fishmeal, Atlantic krill
meal, Haith’s CLO & Robin Red, liver
extract, yeast, spirulina, fenugreek
and garlic powder to name but a few
of the ingredients!! Of course it
comes with all the usual extras: popups, dumbells, liquids, dips etc.
Carp Fishing Tuition At Catch 22
Day Ticket Lake With Mike Redfern
So with a couple of kilos in hand,
my son Max and I thought we would
give it a go both locally and down at
Anglers Paradise in Devon over the
Easter school holidays. It was an
instant catcher. Even though the
waters we chose were not hard by
today’s standards, they could still be
tricky, and blanking was not unheard
of. But there was no blanking with the
Complex T! We caught within an hour
of casting out and consistently
throughout the day. Both Max and I
loved the bait; it’s an instant fish
catcher, so no wonder Terry has been
catching some monsters lately!! n
Do you feel that a certain area in your carp
fishing needs help or you want tuition that’s
fun and enjoyable? Then look no further…
Mike ‘Spug’ Redfern is available for basic
carp fishing tuition at the prolific Catch 22
Fishing Centre either on a day or 24-hour
Spug grew up with the ‘old school’
anglers – Lee Jackson, Paul Forward, Martin
Locke to name but a few, and these carp
fishing legends showed him that understanding carp and what they do, how to find
them, how they feed, is far more important
than the new fangled rig or fancy rod and
reels. This carp fishing apprenticeship put
Spug on the right path, which has led to
many of his successes, whilst remembering
not to take it too seriously and to enjoy the
journey along the way.
The tuition will take place on a specially
constructed swim on the Day Ticket Lake, in
an area known for holding large carp.
For further info: n


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