FREE LINE 03 - Page 191

In Search of Monster Carp
and have a good time with some
It was around this sort of time that
Ian (Ian Russell at Heathrow Baits
where I work) and I decided that we
were going to put a new range of
boilies together. We came up with the
bait which ended up being called
Awesome, and it was quite funny
really. It’s basically a fishmeal bait
with very low levels of flavourings
and additives in it, and as we started
making it up Ian said to me, “That
freezer over there is yours, just start
letting them have it if you want to.” So
I started piling it in, well not piling it
in, but applying 5kg every four days
onto a spot in the main lake. My reason for this was the previous year my
mate Dave had piled loads and loads
of bait in, and had caught nine of the
lake’s 30’s in 14 days, which just has
never been done down there before. I
was just fishing early mornings really,
and I was catching quite a few fish
consistently, averaging two in an
evening trip, which by the standards
down there is really good.
I was getting some repeat captures
of some of the fish I’ve caught before,
but you can’t really help it on park
lakes and places like that. The fish I
really wanted was a fish called Single
Scale, and up to date I still haven’t
caught the bloody thing, but hopefully
one day I’ll catch her. That winter I
was more happy to catch them out of
the main lake, and it was basically
proving to all the people who slagged
me off in the past that I couldn’t catch
them out of the main lake and do it on
my terms, so to speak. Over that win-
(Top) My mate Luke with One Pec at
(Left) Little Richmond 29lb 10oz.


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