FREE LINE 03 - Page 194

In Search of Monster Carp
Mike from Cemex Angling
approached me and asked me if I’d be
interested in doing a few articles in
exchange for getting a gold card. I
thought yeah, that’ll do, so I was
really pleased to have been asked. I
took the gold card, and the first lake I
fancied fishing was Frimley Pit 3.
What a stunning lake that is; a mental
place, with just so many big commons
it’s unbelievable. At the right time of
the year I think you’ve got three 40lb
commons in there, and my PB at the
time was 29lb 12oz, so I just wanted
to get over there and try to bag myself
a PB. I started fishing there around
the end of September, and I think my
first trip down I managed to catch a
25lb common and a smaller one of
about 18lbs. Then I went back down
around the start of October, and I
started catching a few quite consistently, quite a few 20lb commons. It’s
mental down there; some of the
bailiffs don’t get out of bed if you
catch a 25lb common, but that size
fish is just unbelievable to me.
I fished consistently in October and
November, and then December time I
was lucky enough to go down for a
48-hour session. I think it was
December 18th, just a few days before
Christmas, and I was really lucky to
catch Shoulders, one of the A-team so
to speak, at 34lb 14oz. What a lovely
carp that was, so I got my aim of a
new PB common, and I was just
blown away really. While I was down
there I also photographed the one
(Top left) Frimley 3, 29lb 15oz.
(Top right) Frimley 3. 1st fish, 25lb
(Below) Shoulders, 34lb 14oz.
Frimley 3.


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