FREE LINE 03 - Page 195

In Search of Monster Carp
(Left) Frimley 3, 31lb 8oz.
(Below) Frimley 3, 25lb 8oz.
they call Gregory Peck at 40lb 4oz for
my mate Steve Mogford. Commons of
40lbs just blow you away – the size of
them; they just look so much bigger
than mirrors. I really enjoyed my time
down Frimley, and I went back just
before New Year and managed to bag
another nice sized common, I think it
was 29lb 15oz – an ounce shy of
30lbs, but what a way to end the year!
I really enjoyed it down there – good
socials, lovely bailiffs, and brilliant
I think I had about a month or so off
then, just chilling out, working, and
stuff like that. I went back around
February/March time, and I was still
catching quite a few 20lb’ers. Then I
think it was April or May, right in the
springtime, that I caught another 30lb
common. I was catching 24’s, 25’s,
26’s, and then along come another 30,
which was bloody mental. I got some
really nice shots too.
When the spring ended down at
Frimley I sort of knew then that I
really wanted to give Richmond
another massive go. After seeing it
with my mate Al it was just unbelievable; it blew me away, so I got right
on it, and started baiting. I think Nigel
Sharp caught it in the last couple of
weeks of the season at 46lb 10oz, a bit
down on what we thought it would
be, but still a massive fish and well
done to Nigel.
I went back to baiting all through
the closed season, doing bits and
pieces. I chose to fish an area called
the Willow Tree Swim. For those of
you who don’t know Richmond it’s an
area that doesn’t really get fished
much, which is why I decided to bait
that area, as I knew that obviously I’d
have a chance most times I got down.
Places like the Sanctuary and the
Causeway between the little lake and
big lake get fished an awful lot, so
that’s why I fished where I fished.
I was baiting quite a bit, with 4-5kg
of hemp and pellet and a couple of
kilos of boilies every three or four
days. The fish were definitely feeding
on the areas, as every time I was


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