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Wherever I Lay
My Mat
By Andy Thomas
inter is finally
here, albeit a
rather wet
one so far. I
d o n ’t k n o w
about you but
I find winter a great time for reflection, and a time to start formulating a
plan for the following season. Being a
bit of a dreamer, I have no problem
reflecting or reminiscing; it’s the
planning bit that always seems to
stump me. If I stay on a venue too
long, I seem to get itchy feet and boredom sets in. I just can’t seem to settle
or get my teeth into anything. As of
now I’m stuck with the latter, and
have no idea where I want to fish next
season, but something will turn up no
doubt (hopefully a syndicate ticket on
Low-30 from my first overseas trip.
my doorstep). This past year was just
the same, and with nowhere in particular to go, I ended up all over the
place. I fished no more than half a
dozen nights on any one venue,
spreading myself about as thin as I
ever have. If you don’t mind I’d like to
share some of my sessions and memories with you over the following
Obviously I haven’t got enough
room here to go into things in any
great depth, so I won’t get all technical and “riggy”. The main reason is
that most of you reading this will have
your own ideas and confidence in
your own rigs. Rigs nowadays all do
pretty much the same thing in their
own given situation, and if used correctly in the right place, time and sit-
uation, they will hook fish. The only so
called “wonder rig” I’ve seen in recent
years is of course the mag-aligner.
But that’s only my opinion, and is
purely based on some wonderful
results for some close friends and me.
Compared to any other ways of fishing, well, it just blows them all out of
the equation! If I could use just one
method for the rest of my days then
I’d have to say it’d be the mag-aligner.
Anyway, that’s enough biggin’ up the
rig and on with the matter at hand.
It was January ‘07 that a plan was
formulated between two good friends
and me, which was to fish Papercourt
for the foreseeable future. My first
session on the 30-acre windswept
abyss was a solo, but it was to be a
success. I’d banked a small stockie


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