FREE LINE 03 - Page 199

Wherever I Lay My Mat
from the boat club end of the lake
after only being there for a few hours.
During the night the wind had swung
round and began to blow a hoolie
down towards the opposite end of the
lake. I knew a couple of lads who
were down that end, and also knew
that they were off home that day. I
phoned them to see what was happening, and was informed that they’d
had a few fish but would be leaving
soon. I made the decision to move in
behind them, and loaded up the barrow to begin the mile hike down the
lake (that’s what it felt like anyway).
After sitting down for ten minutes or
so to let my heart rate settle and lungs
re-inflate, I began the task of setting
up, and had a quick lead about. I
found clay, gravel, and light silkweed
at around 70yds, so I marked up the
lines and got three rods positioned. To
cut a long story short I ended my first
two-nighter with half a dozen or so
carp, all stockies and nothing particularly big, but I was happy that I’d got
on ‘em twice and managed to put a
(Top) Chillin' on the Match Lake.
(Below) One of the biggest mirrors in
Trilakes – Smudge.
hook in a few. The next trip up there
was a social with Dave and Ads,
which was a great crack although
none of us caught anything and it
was bloody freezing. A couple of
weeks later and I was back, but only
managed a huge bream for my efforts,
and that was about it for me on Papercourt.
A week or so previously I’d got talk-
ing to some lads, and it was mentioned that there was a space on a
local syndicate, Swan Valley, available
until March at a reduced rate. Knowing that there were some big fish in
there I jumped at the chance, and purchased a ticket immediately. My first
session on Swan, I was on fish, and
things were looking good until a couple of fellas decided they wanted to


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