FREE LINE 03 - Page 200

Wherever I Lay My Mat
hold hands and set up either side of
me. A bombardment of marker floats
and spods soon sent the fish packing
and ruined any chance I had – thanks!
I had planned to do two nights, but
had a bee in my bonnet about the lack
of etiquette from my new neighbours
(Dumb and Dumber), who kept me up
all night with their beer fuelled music
and laughter extravaganza! To make
matters worse the lake was filling up
like Piccadilly Circus – not my idea of
a peaceful syndicate, so I packed up
and made for home.
Not to be defeated, I returned a
week or so later hoping it’d be a bit
quieter, but again was very surprised
at how many anglers were on – it was
rammed! Great, I can’t be doing with
all this, I thought, not for the crazy
price you’re charged to fish, but anyway, I stayed and went for a wander
around. The main lake at Swan is
shaped like a horseshoe, and most, if
not all the anglers were crammed
together on one half of it. They were
(Left) My PB for a day; the Friendly
Linear at a new top weight of 39lb
(Below) A 29lb 14oz fat Match Lake


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