FREE LINE 03 - Page 202

Wherever I Lay My Mat
(Right) Nige Sharp, Keith Sykes and
carp dog waiting for a bite.
(Below) Trilakes ghostie.
lined up like old ladies at the post
office on pension day – hilarious!
Maybe they get lonely or are scared of
the dark; who knows? Anyway, I went
on the quieter side where fish were
showing, and managed three carp in a
short overnighter, including a nice
scaly mirror just shy of 30lb. That was
it for me on there – two overnighters.
I was happy with the fish, but not the
fishing if you get my drift. To me the
surroundings and attitude of our fellow anglers are as important as the
fish I’m angling for. I just felt wound
up every time I went there, and couldn’t hack the crowds. We are all different I suppose, and I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea.
I was now a bit stuck for where to
fish, and somehow ended up fishing
on Tri-Lakes at Yateley for a few short
trips. It passed the time while I
decided what to do next, and I had
some pukka fish. It was good fun to
chill out and have a play around for
some smaller fish in nice surroundings. The carp were mainly ghosties,
but by god do they fight well, like
hooking a jet ski! On my third visit I
managed one of the biggest mirrors in
the lake, an upper-20 known as
Smudge. You can have too much of a
good thing sometimes, and that was
certainly true on Tri-Lakes.
After that it was a few socials on
various club waters run by Farnham
Angling. One particular trip that
springs to mind was in May just after
my daughter was born. Dave Benton
and I headed off to Badshot Lea for a
social to celebrate my new arrival,
and hopefully to catch a few. It was
mad; Dave managed over 20 carp in
about 18 hours, which was great to
watch. I didn’t do quite as well with
numbers, but seemed to get into the
better fish including a stunning fully
scaled which I’d actually caught three
times previously from the same swim
but at lower weights. That was a
good trip; it’s always nice to catch up
with old friends, talking of which
brings me nicely onto the next sortie.
A chance meeting in a tackle shop
with an old friend had me back on
familiar territory – Yateley Match
Lake. Another social, 48 hours this
time, and with my mate Steve. A quick


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