FREE LINE 03 - Page 203

Wherever I Lay My Mat
look round revealed that a few fish
were showing near to an island, so it
was here that we pitched up for our
assault. After a fruitless night, it was
quite a relief when the right rod
ripped off. After a ploddy battle I netted a big fat mirror just ounces under
30lb – a welcome visitor indeed! Dur-
ing the final night I managed two
more carp to mid-20’s. This trip gave
me a taste for having another go, and
a week later I went back but didn’t
quite make it onto the Match. Whilst
walking round I noticed some carp in
the margins of the Nursery, so I just
had to have a go for ‘em. I stalked
two, and had one off the top, which
was really enjoyable, but time was
fleeting so it was back to the plan.
I got to Nige’s swim on the Match
a n d n o t i c e d s o m e f i z z i n g, s o I
dropped in there for the night. After a
quick plumb around I put a few mini
rockets of particle out, and got my
head down for the night. I slept like a
log, and was up at first light just about
to put the kettle on when one of the
rods burst into life, and I was into a
carp! It was only a small stockie, but a
result nonetheless. It went a bit quiet
for the morning, so I spodded some
more goodies out, wound in, and
went off for a bit of floater fishing for a
while. After a bit of hard work I managed to trick one, again a smallish
stockie. Time was getting on so it was
back to base camp to get the rods
sorted, and have a bite to eat. Upon
my return, I noticed a huge patch of
bubbles near to my spodded area, so I
quickly put a bait on it. I received liners immediately, and just as I was
considering putting another rod out, a
(Top) One of five mag-aligner caught
Blue Pool carp.
(Left) 29lb 10oz Split Lake common,
stalked from under a bush.


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