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Campingaz Stoves
Camp Bistro 2
The simplest yet effective stove for
lovers of fishing! With its sturdy plastic carry case, this stove can be easily
and safely transported and stored.
Why not use it to make cup of teas,
soup or even hot dogs while waiting
for a catch? The Camp Bistro’s integrated piezo ignition system is easy
and simple to use and means you
won’t be rummaging around looking
for matches or lighters. Featuring an
easy clean fixed enameled pan support for additional stability, the Camp
Bisto 2 also features a cartridge safety
locking system for correct and safe
cartridge insertion every time. Give
the gift of easy, simple, lightweight al
fresco cooking this Christmas with
Campingaz’s Camp Bistro 2.
RRP: £29.99
Campingaz Powerbox Plus 28L
New for 2017, Campingaz has
launched an exciting, stylish and high
performance thermoelectric cooler
and it’s full of brand new features
from the lid to the base. The perfect
gift for lovers of the great outdoors the
Powerbox Plus 28L keeps food, drink
and even bait fresh and cool when
travelling to the lake. The high-performance Powerbox Plus 28L 12/230V
TE cooler can be powered by both
12V and mains power for ultimate
convenience and versatility. Unlike
other coolers, the Powerbox plus 28
AC/DC Thermoelectric cooler has four
different modes that allow you to control the performance and efficiency of
the cooler.
When temperatures soar, a ‘Max’
mode offers fast and impressive cooling performance, or for an efficient but
environmentally friendly option, the
‘Eco’ mode can be used. The innovative coolers also benefit from a ‘Night’
Plus mode that is ideal for keeping
contents cool overnight yet significantly reduces the noise levels coming from the fan.
For more traditional, passive cooling, the Powerbox 28 AC/DC also features an ‘Off’ mode that means it can
be used with Freez’ Packs away from
a power source.
RRP: £89.99
Sevylor Inflatables
Sevylor Madison Inflatable
Kayak Kit
If you really wanted to treat someone
this Christmas, The Inflatable Madison Kayak from Sevylor is the must
have gift this year for fishing at sea!
Sevylor’s Madison kayak Kit comes
with two oars and a foot pump so
your loved one will be ready to go as
soon as they open their Christmas
present. The two-seater kayak is perfect for catching fish on a placid lake
or even in the sea!
The Madison Kayak Kit also easily
transforms into a one-man boat for
solo trips. Combining an extraordinary mix of manoeuvrability, stability
and comfort, the Madison Kayak Kit is
perfect for experienced or rooky
kayakers. Thanks to its features like
moulded handles, the improved carry
bag and new comfortable seats, this
kayak offers endless fun on the water.
Its wide shape offers excellent stability and is perfect for a day out on the
lake this festive season.
Check pressure while on the move
and easily inflate while on the water,
the Madison Kayak has a highly effective drainage system and it even
comes with an easy, handy carry bag
if you have to trek to the nearest lake
this Christmas day. Give the gift of
freedom on the water this Christmas
and unforgettable memories that’ll
last with Sevylor.
RRP: £469.99


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