FREE LINE 03 - Page 47

I was awoken just after midnight by my boyfriend who had a pretty
little fully scaled mirror that I photographed for him and headed back
to my swim to continue my dreams of all things carpy. In the early
hours, I was jolted out of bed by the vibration of my Nev’s sounder
box that I had stupidly fallen asleep on. I sat staring out at my rods
blurry eyed, wondering what was going on for a moment. The take
was very slow and staggered and almost bream like, so I slowly got
up and picked up the rod, expecting it to be a bream. The fish swam
directly towards me, and I was still under the impression I was into a
big old slab of a bream. That was until the water in front of me
erupted, breaking the silence of the night and sending ripples out
across the lake in the moonlight. It was that moment when the old
ticker started pounding away and I found myself short of breath. The
fish gave only the one lunge for freedom until the she felt tired, and
she soon slipped over the net cord. As I glanced into the folds of the
net in the moonlight, I could see which fish it was. It’s thought to be
the oldest fish in the lake and far from pretty, the prehistoric, crusty
old one-eyed monster known as the Blind Fish.
Adam Andrews with a six-fish hit on Wentworth fishery.
Ermanno Orlati with a lovely common from the River Dese in Italy.
Ermanno presented a Violet pop-up to trip this one up on a short
three-hour session.
Adam Andrews presented a Trigga bottom bait topped with a white
spice pop-up on a snowman presentation over 2kg of Trigga
Andy Lill with a stunning linear in its winter colours caught on a
Blue Oyster wafter glugged in Trigga Ice.
Great looking old warrior in the shape of this 28lb common from
Tyram Hall Fisheries. The water has been fishing hard recently due
to the sudden drop in water temperatures, but Adam Andrews
favourite approach of 12mm white Spice pop-ups tricked this one.
Nicholas Motisi with a 65lb 7oz Italian common that could not resist
a Trigga bottom bait with a pink pepper pop-up on a snowman


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