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In Search of Monster Carp
ob: Well, it’s the end
of October, and I’ve
made my way back to
Horton Church Pool. I
really do like this lake,
but I haven’t had any
chance at all to fish it this year except
one day walking around with my
floaters, but the weather has finally
settled after a miserable summer of
rain, and probably some of the worst
fishing conditions ever. I was just
talking to Phil about how well the
Thames is fishing at the moment; it’s
just had the biggest restocking of
carp it has ever had it in its life up and
down the country, what with different
lakes that have flooded into it, and it
really is fishing well. The first of the
cold nights are coming in, and things
are picking up. Another bit of news
which you’ll probably know about by
the time this piece comes out is that
Bernie has been quite successful
down at Dinton in the last couple of
weeks, with the Fat Common at 42lbs,
the Twin at 47lbs, and about three or
four others up to about 38lbs, so well
done to him.
Anyway, I have come down today
to meet up on my annual visit with
Peter and Phil Kingsbury. A lot of you
who are regular readers of Big Carp
will have seen their pieces last year;
they were really successful, and it
was a record season for Phil. It was
really nice to be part of all that and
know what was going on. Once again
they have been very successful this
year, with some fantastic fish coming
to the bank, so since it’s them you
want to hear about, not me, I’ll pass
you over to Phil without further ado.
Phil: Morning, Rob. I’d just like to
start by ending last season when I
was on 39 carp. On my next session
down, which was 14th March, I was
fishing a swim called the Scooter. It
was a pretty foggy morning, and I
hadn’t seen much showing in the
night. In the morning I was in the
next swim to my right, the Reeds, and
all of a sudden I noticed some fizzing
30yds out from the bank. As I was sitting there watching it with a cup of
tea, I heard a buzzer from my left, and
it was my rods. I ran over, picked up
the rod, and played the fish. On getting it into the margin I noticed that it
was one of the fish that I’d always
wanted to catch, one of the old origin a l s . I n e t t e d i t , a n d s h o u t e d,
“Dumpy!” across to Del who was
standing on the Pontoon watching
me play the fish. I couldn’t believe it,
what a fish. He come round and took
some excellent photos for me. I couldn’t believe the fish, and it was my
40th fish too. As I said, I remember
telling my brother a couple of weeks
before, if I’m lucky enough to catch
my 40th fish out of Horton in a season, I’d really like it not to be a repeat
capture, and if possible, a fish that I
hadn’t caught before. Well, it couldn’t
have worked any better, because I
had never caught Dumpy before, and
it was an original fish, so I was just so
ecstatic with excitement. With the
photos done I put the fish back, and
that was all I had on that session.
Now I’ll pass you over to my brother
Peter: Hi, good morning Rob, and
thanks for coming down. I’m going to
continue on from where I ended up
l a s t y e a r, w h e n I h a d G i z m o i n
between Christmas and the New
Year. I was well pleased with that; it
was my first cold weather fish from
Horton. A lot of people say that it is
hard in the winter, but I believe they
still are catchable through the colder
Atlas 29lb 12oz 5-6-07.


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