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In Search of Monster Carp
weather; it’s just a lot harder to find
them. I came down in January, from
the 12th to the 14th, and fished the
Blank. I found a bit of fizzing going on
out there, and since it is it is the swim
I had Gizmo from I was quite confident. I knew roughly the areas I
wanted to fish, and stayed up ‘til midnight, as you do, trying to find the
fish, but nothing showed. That session I carried on doing the same,
using the 10mm tiger nut baits. I did
exactly the same, using a bit of cork,
and bit of artificial corn for visual, and
to balance it, but those two nights
turned out to be a blank. From my
recollection, I don’t think anyone
caught on that session when I was
down there.
The next session came in February.
I don’t do a lot in the winter; I normally get two weekends a month, but
in the winter I still carry on with the
two weekends. In February I came
down on the 9th to the 11th, and
found a few bubblers again in the
Sick. I fished them long, waiting to
see if they would start jumping, but
again nothing showed. I believe Phil
was fishing down in the Blank area,
and I think he had a few to talk about,
so I’ll hand you over to Phil.
Phil : Yes that’s right Pete; I was in
the Blank. It was quite high pressure
from what I can remember, and there
was fizzing – about five or six patches
of fizzes about 60-70yds out. So with
this in mind, for the night I put two
rods as far as I could cast them with
single hookbaits, then catapulted a
kilo of 14mm’s over the top. The night
went by, and in the morning the fizzes
were back just to my right, so again I
recast my rods onto the fizzes. I
thought the fish were in the middle
layers nearer the surface, because the
swim mentioned is 18-19 foot deep. I
catapulted a kilo of boilies over the
top of the fizzing, right over the top
where I had my hook baits, and on the
24th March I had a take on the right
hand rod. It was a fish called Little
Nige at 25lb 14oz, so I was well
chuffed with that, and a cold water
fish too. It’s always nice to catch
them in the cold, because they do
look so nice.
To top it all, an hour later I had a
take on the other rod, and it turned
out to be a fish that I hadn’t caught
before, Scar, at 38lb 8oz. I couldn’t
(Top) Just the one required.
(Below) Droopy 35lb 2oz. 29-7-07.


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