FREE LINE 03 - Page 52

In Search of Monster Carp
(Right) Dumpy 34lb 4oz.
(Below) Excellent Xline 12lb and 17lb.
believe it because even though I’d
had my 40th fish and I was quite
happy with that I was still catching,
and I just couldn’t believe the season
I’d had. Then the next morning I had
another take on the right hand rod,
and it turned out to be a fish called
the Cossack at 34lb 8oz. The size of its
head is amazing; it was a right old
bruiser. So that was my end of the
season, on 43 carp. What a season; I
couldn’t believe it, and loads of
thanks to all my friends and everyone,
especially my brother who got me
back into carp fishing really; he lent
me all the rods and reels after the disastrous start to the season I had.
Peter: I’m going to talk about
when I actually got hold of one now.
Well done for Phil anyway, excellent
season – nice one. I’m going to talk
about the session I had on the 29th
March. It’s been a favourable year for
me, having Lodger back end of the
season, but I knew the area I wanted
to go to. I was thinking at work, when
can I turn my computer off, let’s get
out of here. Anyway, finally I built up
the confidence, rushed down with all
the old work gear on and I bumped
into Steve Mogford in the car park. I
happened to ask, “Where are you
thinking of going?” He named about
five or six swims, so I quickly got my
bucket, didn’t even bother getting
changed, ran round to the area that I
wanted, and plonked my bucket in. I
skipped back a happy bunny, went up
to Steve, and told him where I was
going. His faced changed, and he
decided to set up next to me. We had
a good laugh.
That night I put some baits out
using a single on one rod and a fourbait stringer on another, which has
done me well in the past, just putting
them out there roughly to the area I
wanted to be in – a 16ft area, and
quite hard-bottomed. I was up most
of the night with Steve and another
friend, Graham, just waiting to see if
anything showed. Nothing major
showed; there were a couple out on
the usual areas, but then at 4am I was
up, and they started to go mad in front
of me, absolutely mad, coming out
three at a time. The rods were reeled
in quickly; I put single pop-ups on
both, put them out just behind where
they were jumping, and feathered it
down and got the usual donk. Then
they moved down a bit, and I thought
I’d blown it; they moved in front of
Steve. Steve was still asleep, and then
t h e y c a m e b a c k t o m e, w h i c h I
thought was excellent, and I was
really confident.
I kept making coffees, and was on
the phone to people, mates around
the pond, saying they were on me,
and then Steve woke up. I made him
a cup of tea, and he came down to see
the fish. All of a sudden my right hand
rod rattled off. I was on it in a flash,
bent into a fish, and it was trying to
get into Church Bay, so I had to put


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